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  1. burning questions
    20 Questions We Have About Bright and Its SequelWhat’s going on with the Shield of Light? Also, why is this sequel happening?
  2. san diego comic-con 2017
    Will Smith on His Netflix Film: ‘You Almost Can’t Make New Movie Stars Anymore’Why has the former king of the box office made his new action film for Netflix? “This new world is almost like a friendship with the fans.”
  3. trailer mix
    Will Smith’s Bright Trailer Makes Your Orc Buddy-Cop-Movie Fantasies Come TrueJoel Edgerton co-stars as his orc cop counterpoint.
  4. woulda coulda shoulda
    Director David Ayer on Suicide Squad: I ‘Wish I Had a Time Machine’His solution somehow involves more Joker.
  5. villains
    Ayer to Direct Harley Quinn–Starring SpinoffThe next DC movie arrives.
  6. twitter
    David Ayer Stands by Suicide Squad Despite Critical Drubbing“I love the movie and believe in it.”
  7. profanity
    David Ayer Yells ‘F**k Marvel,’ Regrets It“Respect for my brother filmmakers.”
  8. spin-offs
    Suicide Squad Director David Ayer Envisions a ‘Zillion’ SpinoffsThere’s already one in the works.
  9. puppeteering
    Leto Wasn’t the Only Terror on Suicide Squad set“I felt really betrayed. And that’s exactly what David wanted me to feel.”
  10. orc cop news
    Netflix Buys Will Smith’s Orc-Cop DramaWhat Netflix category do supernatural cop dramas fall into?
  11. the industry
    Will Smith and Joel Edgerton Join Orc-Cop DramaIt’s called Bright.
  12. movie review
    Movie Review: End of WatchThere’s nothing here that you haven’t already seen, but the film has moments so riveting that you might not care too much.
  13. casting couch
    The Killing’s Mireille Enos Joins David Ayer’s TenStarring Sam Worthington and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  14. casting couch
    Sam Worthington and Arnold Schwarzenegger May Team Up for TenTerminators unite!
  15. mtv
    How MTV Plans to Resurrect Music Videos (Hint: By Financing Them)The new LCD Soundsystem video “Pow Wow” (starring Anna Kendrick) was bankrolled by MTV in an attempt to give music videos a jump-start.
  16. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Sarah Silverman, Gere, TopherPlus: ‘Commando’ getting the reboot treatment.
  17. the industry
    Sean Penn Has Some Protecting to DoPlus: ‘The Complete History of My Sexual Failures.’
  18. the industry
    Seth Rogen to Make Cancer FunnyPlus: Charlotte from ‘Lost’ to ‘Stare at Goats’!