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David Blaine

  1. rape
    David Blaine Accused of Raping Former Model in 2004London police are investigating the incident.
  2. it's magic
    David Blaine Went on an Epic Quest to Learn How to Regurgitate FrogsHe learned his new trick with help from Houdini and a man living in a remote Liberian village.
  3. david blaaaaaaaine!
    David Blaine Suffered Injury by Shooting HimselfThis guy.
  4. new tricks
    Watch Drake and Dave Chappelle Lose Their Minds Over David Blaine’s Magic TrickDavid Blaine still got it.
  5. magic
    Watch David Blaine Horrify Drake and Emma Stone Experience the deeply upsetting magic.
  6. magic
    Here Is Every Celebrity Reaction From Last Night’s Magical David Blaine SpecialHe makes Harrison Ford grin. Grin!
  7. fame in 1998
    Remembering Leonardo DiCaprio’s Days As New York’s Party Prince of 1998The hottest young actor in America and his rowdy friends have made nighttime New York their playground.
  8. trick and treat
    Watch David Blaine Trick Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, MagicallySure, but how pure is his meth?
  9. magic
    Kanye Is Going to Be on a David Blaine SpecialGreat!
  10. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Olivia Wilde Refused to Drown David BlaineHe’s the guest of honor at her magic-themed wedding after all.
  11. party chat
    David Blaine Ate a Wine Glass Off Meryl Streep’s Table at a Party Last NightAnd she looked stunned!
  12. Documentary About Marina Abramovic Wins at First-Ever Champs-Elysée Film FestWho knew staring at MoMA patrons was so cutting-edge?
  13. exclusive
    Exclusive: When David Blaine Suggested Killing Marina AbramovicAs recounted in her new documentary.
  14. people in boxes
    What ‘Celebrity’ Will Be Sitting in a Box in Bryant Park This Friday?What’s in the box? What’s in the box?!!!
  15. stunts
    David Arquette Plans to Encase Himself in a Plexiglas Box for CharityWell, sort of.
  16. last night's gig
    Werner Herzog Praises Borat’s Boldness, Bikini