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  1. Bob Odenkirk Is Playing NYT’s David Carr for AMCIt’s an adaptation of Carr’s bestselling memoir, The Night of the Gun.
  2. Sarah Koenig Is Not About to Crowd-Source Her Stories on Reddit“I didn’t even know what Reddit was.”
  3. trailer mix
    Page One Trailer: The New York Times Gets a Close ReadThe documentary about the paper was well received at Sundance.
  4. How Political Will the ‘Rally to Restore Sanity’ Be?The NYT’s David Carr takes on the Stewart/Colbert rally and the fine line between entertainment and politics they’re trying to walk: “Yet there […]
  5. replacements
    The New Carpetbagger ArrivesBye-bye, David Carr; hello, Melena Ryzik!
  6. changes
    Times Gets a New ’BaggerMelena Ryzik will take over for David Carr.
  7. The New York Times Really, Really Likes the New Wilco AlbumThe ‘Times’ thought Wilco’s new album was good enough to warrant two separate interviews with Jeff Tweedy in yesterday’s paper.
  8. uncharted territory
    The Bagger’s Blind ItemWatch your back, Ted Casablanca!
  9. backlash
    The Bagger Bags BaleDavid Carr’s got a theory on why Christian Bale growled so much in ‘The Dark Knight’.
  10. love
    The New York Times Reveals Huge Crush on Anne HathawayIn yesterday’s ‘Times’ Academy Awards section, the paper’s movie critics ostensibly make an Oscar case for some of their favorite films, but mostly they just try to score with Hathaway.
  11. kudos
    The Carpetbagger ReturnsHe’s sorta like the Punxsutawney Phil of the Oscar season, only more prolific in his forecasting and with a slightly less furry exterior.
  12. the take
    Will David Carr’s ‘The Night of the Gun’ Redeem the Memoir? We’re not so sure — and we say this as someone who liked the book.
  13. apropos of nothing
    Reality TV Becoming More Dangerous for Celebrities and the Marginally FamousThree vaguely recognizable individuals have injured themselves on the set of NBC’s new reality series ‘Celebrity Circus.’