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  1. role call
    Minnie Driver Answers Every Question We Have About Return to MeAnd getting “pantsdrunk” on Instagram, bad celebrity behavior in quarantine, and the origins of her infamously raunchy Good Will Hunting joke.
  2. The X-Files Cast Also Thinks That This Season Is Way BetterGillian Anderson and David Duchovny dropped some major clues about what’s coming in season 11.
  3. The X-Files Panel at Comic Con Covered Kissing, Hair Color, and a New MovieChris Carter, Gillian Anderson, and David Duchovny teased X-Files season 11 at New York Comic Con.
  4. Things Look Dire for Scully and Mulder in the New Trailer for The X-FilesThe skeptic and the believer must save 7 billion people from mass extinction.
  5. the truth is out there
    The X-Files Reboot Will Return for Another SeasonMulder and Scully for eternity.
  6. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny’s Voices Return to X-Files for AudiobookMaybe the truth is out there for Scully and Mulder in X-Files: Cold Case.
  7. cancellations
    Aquarius Canceled at NBC After Two SeasonsThey missed the memo on harmony and understanding.
  8. boycotts
    Sharon Tate’s Sister Is Boycotting AquariusTate calls the show “extremely insensitive.”
  9. last night on late night
    David Duchovny Loves Bleeping His New Book TitleOn The Late Show.
  10. Chris Carter Says More X-Files Headed Your WayGreat news if you want to believe!
  11. the x-files
    Kumail Nanjiani Got to Keep His X-Files X-File“Maybe I’ll get buried with it.”
  12. timelines
    A Timeline of Duchovny/Anderson’s Post-X CareersEvery non-paranormal thing they’ve done.
  13. the truth is here
    A Timeline of the Mythology of The X-FilesIt begins in 35,000 BC, with some black oil …
  14. tv review
    The New X-Files Has Plenty of Mythology. Now Bring On the Creatures.The debut episode is so curiously lackluster that even die-hard fans might fear the worst.
  15. last night on late night
    Mulder, Scully Have Passionate Reunion on KimmelK-I-S-S-I-N-G alert.
  16. roll clip!
    Watch the First Minute of the New X-FilesIt’s like a trip down (the better part of) memory lane.
  17. behind the scenes
    Enjoy This X-Files Behind-the-scenes Preview“We want to satisfy the mythology of it.”
  18. trailer mix
    X-Files Trailer(s): The Government Is SketchyHelp.
  19. ew fest
    Don’t Call The X-Files’s Return a ‘Reboot’Plus, Carter debunks the rumor (set forth by David Duchovny) that Mulder and Scully married.
  20. nycc 2015
    12 Things We Learned From The X-Files New York Comic Con ScreeningWhat’s going on with the episode structure, the Lone Gunmen, and Mulder and Scully’s conscious uncoupling?
  21. the x-files
    Here Are The X-Files’ New Opening CreditsYou might recognize them.
  22. musical references
    NBC Renews Aquarius for Second SeasonGroovy!
  23. on set photos
    Are Mulder & Scully Kissing in These Set Photos?Plus: Joel McHale!
  24. tv review
    David Duchovny Can’t Quite Save Aquarius Don’t be fooled by the Charles Manson stuff. This is just a so-so cop show.
  25. chat room
    David Duchovny’s Debut Album Is Out TodayIs there anything this man doesn’t do?
  26. these reboots were made for walking
    David Duchovny Thought Mulder Was the ‘Worst FBI Agent of All Time’ “He never solved one case in nine years.”
  27. are you serious or not
    Duchovny Is Getting Our Twin Peaks Hopes UpWill he be coming back as Denise Bryson?
  28. book excerpt
    Read the First Chapter of David Duchovny’s Debut Novel, Holy CowIt’s written from the perspective of a cow named Elsie. 
  29. reboot camp
    Fox Is in Talks to Bring Back The X FilesHope is out there.
  30. i want to believe
    David Duchovny’s Book Sounds BananasIt’s about a cow who unites Israel and Palestine.
  31. vulture lists
    The 35 Worst Worst Sex Acts in CalifornicationThe show aired its series finale last night.
  32. series order
    NBC Orders David Duchovny 1960s Cop DramaDuchovny will be tracking a young Charles Manson.
  33. 20th anniversaries
    David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson Panel Recap“I hate that winking meta-meta-meta shit. I hate it more than anything.”
  34. true love wins
    David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson’s AMA Is a Fan-Fiction Writer’s DreamLap dances!
  35. comic-con 2013
    Anderson Wishes Mulder & Scully Got It on SoonerShe says they shot a sex scene. It just never aired.
  36. last night on late night
    Stewart to Robert Pattinson: Sass and Ice CreamPlus: David Duchovny, seasoned goat bleater, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  37. rumor alert
    Here’s a David Duchovny–Gillian Anderson RumorVery likely garbage. And very fun to speculate about.
  38. trailer mix
    Goats Trailer: David Duchovny’s Animal MagnetismGet ready to hear him make many, many goat noises.
  39. tv
    The Stars of Married … With Children and X-Files Are Returning to FoxThe occasion? Fox’s 25th birthday.
  40. showtime
    Watch the Season Premieres of Shameless and Californication for Free, Right Now, on YouTubeCalifornication and Shameless: now on YouTube, because Showtime understands how your life works.
  41. party chat
    A Three-Minute X-Files Reunion With David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson“We would love to do another ‘X-Files’ movie. We’re getting a little long in the tooth, but we’ll do it.”
  42. stage dive
    Californicated David Duchovny Denied True Schmuckery in Neil LaBute’s Break of NoonTwo new plays, ‘The Coward’ and ‘Break of Noon,’ embrace the tradition of lilly-liveredness.
  43. the industry
    Industry: January Jones in X-Men: First ClassPlus: Bond writers get a job.
  44. slideshow
    May’s Best and Worst Celeb PhotosSee Tracy Morgan in tightie-whities, Sarah Jessica Parker in ‘Vogue,’ Christina Hendricks sucking watermelon, and more.
  45. quote machine
    David Duchovny: Not Very DiscerningPlus: Scarlett Johansson good at cooking, swearing.
  46. quote machine
    JFK Reincarnated As Person With Questionable Taste in JewelryPlus: Rufus Wainwright outs 50 Cent.
  47. quote machine
    Ghostface Wants Natalie Portman to Be His BooPlus: Is Robert Pattinson on steroids?
  48. quote machine
    Don Draper Nearly Sired Dawson LeeryRobert Pattinson: smelly.
  49. quote machine
    T-Pain No Match for Persistent DiddyPlus: M.I.A. has some words for Tenacious D.
  50. tube junkie
    David Duchovny’s Sex Life Takes a Turn for the WorseKathleen Turner is all set to join the cast of ‘Californication.’
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