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David Foster Wallace

  1. Michael C. Hall’s 10 Favorite BooksFrom David Foster Wallace to Alison Bechdel.
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    The Unintentional Last Words of 13 Famous Writers Including James Baldwin, Lou Reed, Nora Ephron, and David Foster Wallace.
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    Jason Segel’s Advice on How to Read David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest“You have to read it in doses.”
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    Your Sunday Long Reads: Jay-Z, the Wachowskis, and Philip Roth’s Wikipedia BeefAnother reason to stay indoors. 
  5. infinite jest
    Read an Interactive Infinite Jest MapBased on David Foster Wallace’s novel.
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    Long Reads: One Direction, Michael KeatonAnother excuse to stay indoors.
  7. who needs books?
    No Pulitzer for You, Literature!It’s the first time since 1977 that the Pulitzer board has decided not to award a fiction prize.
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    Read David Foster Wallace’s Threats to Harper’s Magazine“I will find a way to harm you or cause you suffering.”
  9. literary scandal?
    Did David Foster Wallace Fudge That Cruise Piece?So said Franzen at ‘The New Yorker’ Festival.
  10. Jeffrey Eugenides Says Any David Foster Wallace Similarities in His New Novel Are Totally CoincidentalWe remain skeptical.
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    Parks and Rec Co-Creator Michael Schur Directed a Decemberists VideoHe tells us all about his homage to his longtime obsession, David Foster Wallace’s ‘Infinite Jest.’
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    Did David Foster Wallace Inspire Bloggers’ ‘Worst Tendencies’?“Wallace’s moves have been adopted and further slackerized” by the Internet, apparently.
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    There’s a David Foster Wallace Character in Jeffrey Eugenides’ New NovelMeet Leonard Bankhead, a brilliant young man who wears bandannas, dips tobacco, and has a history of hospitalizations.
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    Check Out Poor Yorick Entertainment, a Collection of Infinite Jest–Inspired ArtworkFictional movie posters, fake magazine profiles, and more.
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    Read an Elementary School Poem by David Foster WallaceIt’s about his mom.
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    Karen Green Talks About Her Husband, David Foster Wallace“It all turns him into a celebrity writer dude.”
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    Jonathan Franzen on David Foster Wallace“It was still hard not to feel wounded by the part of him that had chose the adulation of strangers over the love of the people closest to him.”
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    David Foster Wallace’s The Pale King Gets Thoughtful, Glowing ReviewsIt’s not perfect, but in places it comes close.
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    David Foster Wallace’s The Pale King Gets Its First Review“It’s sloppy at times, inconsistent in others, baggy here, too-lean there … [but] the book is unmistakably a David Foster Wallace affair.”
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    Read a Line-by-Line Breakdown of David Foster Wallace’s ‘Backbone’ EditsFile it away for your next long read.
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    Read a New David Foster Wallace Story, ‘Backbone’Conveniently, it’s all online.
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    Read a Collection of Unpublished Infinite Jest ExcerptsPlus a number of notes and essays from David Foster Wallace’s archives.
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    David Foster Wallace Novel Out April 15Tax day.
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    Hear Unreleased David Foster Wallace AudioBittersweet.
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    David Foster Wallace Predicted You Will Get Tired of iPhone 4’s New FunctionalityThe video phone: just a fad?
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    David Foster Wallace’s Undergraduate Thesis Will Be a BookAbout free will.
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    Vulture Reading Room Wraps Up on David Foster WallaceSays Sam Anderson: “I could go on forever, but I’ll stop there. In conclusion: It’s all tremendously complicated.”
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    Reading Room: David Foster WallaceOn “Wallace’s fullest elaboration of what he saw as the key question of modern existence.”
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    Read a Lost David Foster Wallace Profile From a 1996 DetailsWallace fans will certainly appreciate.
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    Read a List of Every Word David Foster Wallace Circled in His DictionaryWith hyperlinked definitions.
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    Infinite Jest Possibly Improved by Pop-up Windows’Infinite Jest’ has been released as an app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch with “enriched footnote capability.”
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    Orlando Jones to Star in David Foster Wallace–Inspired Sitcom?Why else would Fox be making a show set in an IRS office?
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    David Foster Wallace’s Private Papers SoldCongrats, University of Texas’s Harry Ransom Center.
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    John Krasinski on Adapting DFW“I was scared people would think I was doing this only to get away from ‘The Office,’ to be super-dark and cerebral.”
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    Brief Interviews With Hideous Men Trailer: John Krasinski to Make You Look Bad, AgainLook out, fellas.
  36. you saw it here first
    Vulture Premieres the Poster for John Krasinski’s Brief Interviews With Hideous MenSee the poster!
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    Evan Rachel Wood and Alan Cumming Swing Onto BroadwayPlus: DFW’s second biography is a go.
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    Anderson on the Ultimate Summer ReadA web-wide book club is discussing ‘Infinite Jest’ from now until September.
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    Which David Foster Wallace Biography Proposal Sold and Which One Didn’t?The answer might surprise you.
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    What It Was Like to Edit David Foster WallaceA great interview with Glenn Kenny, who worked with DFW on three pieces for ‘Premiere’ in the mid-nineties.
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    Anderson: Wrestling With the Mini-Biography of David Foster WallaceOur book critic is of two minds about an epic ‘New Yorker’ article on the life and death of David Foster Wallace.
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    Will David Foster Wallace’s The Pale King Be the Most Boring Book Ever?It’s about boredom, for God’s sake!
  43. sad
    David Foster Wallace’s Family Speaks’We’re not angry at him. Not at all. We just miss him.’
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    What Was David Foster Wallace Like As a Teacher?A former student has posted the syllabus from his 2005 Pomona College Literary Interpretation class.
  45. baseless rumors
    The ‘Infinite Jest’ Screenplay: Real, Sort Of!Sadly, David Foster Wallace had nothing to do with it.
  46. Did David Foster Wallace Leave Behind an Unfinished Novel?Probably, according to various friends, agents, and publishers!
  47. baseless rumors
    Is There an ‘Infinite Jest’ Movie in the Works?That’s what unconfirmed reports on various Websites say!
  48. obit
    Sam Anderson Remembers David Foster WallaceLots of public figures organize their work around the demons that eventually take them down, but few of them ever do so with the apparent wisdom and self-awareness Wallace did.
  49. obit
    David Foster Wallace Dies at 46The ‘Infinite Jest’ author took his own life over the weekend.