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  1. deep dive
    The Swashbuckling Fantasy of Dev PatelAs Gawain in The Green Knight and David Copperfield before that, the actor is bending the arc of English literary tradition around him.
  2. movie review
    The Green Knight Is a Ravishing, Unsettling FantasyIn David Lowery’s new A24 movie, Dev Patel is a gadabout in search of a legend to call his own.
  3. trailer mix
    Dev Patel Is Axe Daddy in The Green Knight TrailerThis one’s for the horny nerds.
  4. the replacements
    Wanted to See The Green Knight? Try These 5 Movies InsteadMacbeth, Legend, Monty Python, and more.
  5. trailer mix
    Dev Patel’s Knives Are Out in The Green Knight TrailerHe even wields a sword.
  6. vulture insiders
    Robert Redford’s The Old Man & The Gun Director Weighs In on His Final FilmDavid Lowery, director of The Old Man & The Gun, on creating a film about a larger-than-life figure — with some larger-than-life figures.
  7. exclusive
    A Ghost Story Has a Crazy Drunken Monologue That Will Actually Make You ThinkJust a little check in on “the seeming meaninglessness of everything when placed against the context of time.”
  8. interviews
    How A Ghost Story Almost Defeated Its Director“I was so convinced that it was too high-concept to succeed.”
  9. Disney Family Films Are Hiring Cooler DirectorsAcclaimed auteurs like David Lowery, Ava DuVernay, and Alex Ross Perry have started working for the Mouse House.
  10. lawsuits
    David Lowery Comes for Spotify … AgainDaniel Ek is one bald dude Lowery would NEVER take bowling.
  11. Will Apple Music Be Good for Artists?Musician and streaming-music gadfly David Lowery explains.