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  1. solidarity forever
    Patton Oswalt, Damon Lindelof, More Fire Their Agents In Solidarity with WGAWriters vow to help other writers find jobs.
  2. series orders
    David Simon to Adapt Philip Roth’s Plot Against America for HBOThe book about the rise of fascism in America will become a six-part mini-series.
  3. end of the road
    The Deuce Will Get a Third and Final SeasonWe’re going to the ’80s.
  4. theme songs
    Why The Deuce Got a New Theme SongElvis Costello’s “This Year’s Girl” is a perfect fit for the HBO show.
  5. vulture lists
    Every Episode of The Wire, RankedWhere’s Wallace?
  6. social media
    David Simon Tells Jack Dorsey to ‘Die of Boils’ Over Twitter LockoutThe Wire creator has been locked out of his Twitter account.
  7. How a No Reservations Marathon Led to Anthony Bourdain Writing for TremeWriter Laura Lippman on the “ruse” she and her husband David Simon concocted to meet Anthony Bourdain.
  8. time periods
    David Simon’s New Show Is All About the Spanish Civil War, Está Bien?And fascism!
  9. the wire
    What Michael B. Jordan Thinks of His Death Scene on The Wire“My mom gets extremely emotional, and this was kind of too much. I didn’t want her to see it.”
  10. james franco
    David Simon Says HBO Hasn’t Gotten Any Complaints About James FrancoFranco stars in and executive produces The Deuce.
  11. vulture lists
    All the Ways The Deuce Will Remind You of The WireIt’s more like The Wire than any TV show made in the last decade.
  12. chat room
    James Franco on The Deuce and Why He’s Drawn to Projects About Sex Work“The numbers of people that watch pornography are huge, but we try to keep it in the shadows.”
  13. tv review
    The Deuce Offers a Look at the ’70s That’s Entirely Void of Glowing NostalgiaDavid Simon’s new HBO series about the porn industry around Times Square revisits an era of sex and crime that we’re too quick to glamorize.
  14. trailer mix
    HBO’s The Deuce Trailer: You Get Two James Francos for the Price of OneLook at those porn-taches!
  15. fall preview 2017
    Maggie Gyllenhaal Tests Her Comfort Zone With The Deuce For the actress, taking a role on David Simon’s new HBO series was a trust exercise, in more ways than one.
  16. The Deuce Trailer: Two James Francos for the Price of One David Simon ShowThe Wire creator’s new HBO show debuts September 10.
  17. bad tweets
    The Wire Creator Ignites N-Word Controversy“Use of the wrong racial vernacular was precise intended metaphor for use of wrong racial interlocutor.”
  18. way down in the hole
    Watch an Animated Take on The Wire’s CreditsNot nearly as serious at all.
  19. David Simon on Spotlight and the State of Media“It’s such a great movie, but again, for me it’s probably journalism porn.”
  20. legacies
    The Radical Humanism of David SimonAnd why he’s never been popular.
  21. in the picture
    What TV Showrunners’ Cameos Say About Their ShowsDan Harmon on Community, Matt Groening in Futurama, Carl Reiner on The Dick Van Dyke Show, and more.
  22. tv review
    TV Review: A Look Back at Treme’s Third SeasonTV critic Matt Zoller Seitz reviews the whole, rather than the parts. What say you, David Simon?
  23. renewals
    HBO and Treme Agree on Shortened Final SeasonSomewhere around five episodes.
  24. beefs
    David Simon Not a Mitt Romney Fan, ShockinglyPick your jaw up off the floor.
  25. real talk
    David Simon Enjoyed the Wire Musical“Someone hand me a burner and Sondheim’s number.”
  26. simon says
    David Simon Is Blogging NowDeep breaths, Wire fans.
  27. essays
    The Sum and the Parts: In Defense of TV RecapsIn which our TV critic, Matt Zoller Seitz, tells you why recaps and overnight reviews are essential and good.
  28. simon says
    David Simon Semi-Apologizes for Obnoxious Times InterviewAmerica’s ultimate hipster offers a halfhearted explanation for his churlish remarks.
  29. drama derby
    The Greatest TV Drama of the Past 25 Years, the Finals: The Wire vs. The SopranosNew York Magazine TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz makes the final call.
  30. tv
    Treme Won’t Be Back Until the FallPatience is a virtue.
  31. treme
    Treme To EndThe fourth season will be the show’s last.
  32. chat room
    Novelist Laura Lippman on Her New Book and Morbid Imagination“I think I’m part of a generation of crime writers, all of whom woke up independently and recoiled with horror at the fact that we’d chosen this very conservative genre.”
  33. tv
    David Simon: ‘You’re Gonna Die, and Everyone You Love and Care About Is Gonna Die’So in the mean time, watch ‘Treme.’
  34. clickables
    Hear David Simon Play Some Fifties-TV Trivia on ‘Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me’He doesn’t do too well.
  35. public speaking
    David Simon Realizes That Joe Biden Is a Tough Act to FollowThe creator of ‘The Wire’ is forced to go immediately after the vice-president at a conference, and speaks to an empty room.
  36. quote machine
    Jason Schwartzman Not Even Famous Enough to Have Pizza DeliveredPlus: Mark Ronson to say horrible things about self.
  37. honors
    David Simon, 22 Others Officially Designated ‘Geniuses’Winning the $500,000 MacArthur Foundation “genius grants.”
  38. treme
    Treme Gets a Second Season AlreadyGood news for fans of Steve Zahn’s butt.
  39. in the magazine
    Nussbaum: David Simon As Irascible As EverJust because critics are throwing out words like “humor” and “uplifting” doesn’t mean the ‘Treme’ creator’s lost his edge.
  40. in memoriam
    Nussbaum’s Conversation with David MillsThe longtime David Simon collaborator recently died after an aneurysm while filming a scene at Cafe du Monde. What follows are excerpts from an interview conducted just two months before his death.
  41. tv
    Watch a Fourteen-Minute Behind-the-Scenes Look at TremeAn in-depth look at the making of David Simon’s upcoming HBO show.
  42. treme
    David Simon’s New Show Uplifting?“A show about people, artists for the most part, whose daily lives depend upon the free exercise of their wills to create — out of nothing, out of moments — something beautiful.”
  43. trailer mix
    The New New Treme Trailer: Walter Sobchak Spotted in New OrleansWe hadn’t realized a show by ‘Wire’ creator David Simon set in post-Katrina New Orleans could be this much fun.
  44. trailer mix
    Treme Trailer: New Orleans, Melissa Leo, Sunbathing Trombones — and More!No plot specifics, but lots of shots of things we like.
  45. quote machine
    Matthew Goode Not Ruling Out a Leap Year SequelPlus: Joan Jett biopic “isn’t painful” for Joan Jett to watch.
  46. trailer mix
    Treme Trailer: David Simon Has Done It Again!Just a really solid 47 seconds here.
  47. notable quotables
    Counting Down the Top 100 Quotes From The WireLooks like someone made the life of that Harvard professor who’s going to be teaching a class on the show just a bit easier.
  48. liberal arts
    Harvard Students to Study The WireWhat, no ‘SpongeBob’?
  49. david simon
    David Simon Still Mostly Emmy-less’Generation Kill’ lost all three Emmys it was nominated for last night.
  50. david simon
    David Simon Saves NewspapersAs usual, ‘Wire’ creator David Simon has a plan to ensure the future of American journalism.
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