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David Zwirner

  1. art
    A Radical New History of Queer Modernism, 1933–1950The bodies are sensual, on display, sexually presenting, in carnal states of being — all expressing an otherwise forbidden sexuality.
  2. art
    The Painting Jerry Saltz Can’t Stop Thinking AboutPaul Cadmus’s Herrin Massacre is an orgy of ferociousness.
  3. photography
    On the Nearly Indescribable Light in Diane Arbus’s Last PhotographsIs it about to rain? Dusk? Something else? Go to David Zwirner to see.
  4. gallery
    Raymond Pettibon’s Punk ProphesyThe perfect punk artist for the Trump era has a show at the New Museum. Here’s a sampler.
  5. profile
    Oscar Murillo Perfectly Represents the Art WorldHow lucky, and unfortunate, for the 28-year-old artist. 
  6. art
    Jerry Saltz on John McCracken, 1934–2011The minimalist sculptor was “a great space cowboy.”
  7. art candy
    Decades of Painter Alice Neel in a Single SweepSee 29 portraits and nudes in our slideshow.
  8. artsy
    Saltz: Adel Abdessemed’s Fighting-Animal Video Sparks Art-World UproarThe conclusion of many was that “art should be moral.” That’s when I started to get uncomfortable.