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  1. vulture lists
    The 35 Best Fictional TV SchoolsFrom the Harbor School to Dillon High.
  2. emmy insider
    Michelle Williams Never Thought Life Could Be FairThe Fosse/Verdon star is standing up for herself — and for Gwen Verdon.
  3. horror
    Horror Legends Kevin Williamson & Eli Roth to Collab on The River at NightThe River at Night will bring together 3 giants in horror: Williamson, Roth, and the state of Maine.
  4. reconsideration
    25 Years Ago The Virgin Suicides Kicked Off Our Obsession With Teenage Tragedy.Jeffrey Eugenides’s haunting, faux-nostalgic 1993 novel changed the way we consume adolescence in pop culture.
  5. last night on late night
    Busy Philipps Will Flip Her Nose Ring Down and Fight You Over Michelle Williams“I flipped my nose ring down and was like … ‘Should we take this outside?’”
  6. Everyone in Hollywood Is Envious. Mike White Is Willing to Talk About It.The director of Brad’s Status on his “craven” contemporaries, Dawson’s Creek and Enlightened, and whether he considers himself “successful.”
  7. Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps Talk Kissing Boys on Dawson’s CreekThe best friends remember every teen heartthrob they kissed.
  8. vulture lists
    Gossip Girl, and 6 Other Shows Riverdale Will Remind You OfFrom Twin Peaks to Pretty Little Liars.
  9. What’s New on Hulu: March 2016Dawson’s Creek! Top Gun! The Carmichael Show!
  10. high school tv showdown
    How Joey and Pacey Found Love on Dawson’s Creek“They have a Tracy and Hepburn quality that I liked writing for.”
  11. high school tv showdown
    Which Show Was Better: Buffy or Dawson’s Creek?It’s the supernatural students of Sunnydale versus the hyperliterate ones of Capeside.
  12. shameless lusting
    The Affair Can and Will Cure Your Pacey Witter WithdrawalPacey is an often-shirtless cowboy now.
  13. reunions
    Dawson and Pacey Finally ReuniteJames Van Der Beek had a surprise run-in with Joshua Jackson.
  14. James Van Der Beek Says He Doesn’t ‘Have the Balls to Do Standup’“If I had the balls to do standup, I would probably start at a free club somewhere and just fall on my face. You have to fall on your face so […]
  15. mashups
    See The Walking Dead As Dawson’s CreekContains spoilers from last night’s episode.
  16. fame in 1998
    James Van Der Beek on Dawson’s Creek and Becoming Famous in 1998“I remember meeting [Leonardo DiCaprio] at the Playboy Mansion, actually.”
  17. dawson’s creek
    Michelle Williams Visited the Dawson’s Creek SetShe wanted to show fictional Capeside, Massachusetts, to her daughter, Matilda.
  18. chat room
    James Van Der Beek on Don’t Trust the B’s End“Now when people mock me on the street, they use my real name.”
  19. chat room
    James Van Der Beek on Dawson’s Creek Nostalgia never gets old.
  20. reunions
    Don’t Trust the B—- Mounting Dawson’s Creek ReunionSo far, Busy Phillips has signed on.
  21. party chat
    Michelle Williams Is Open to a Dawson’s ReunionIf James Van Der Beek asks, at least.
  22. i don’t wanna wait
    Dawson Leery Wasn’t Even Supposed to Make That Cry FaceHe was just really feeling the moment.
  23. chat room
    Busy Philipps on Cougar Town, Freaks and Geeks, and Being a ‘Talking Prop’ on Dawson’s Creek“I had done 44 episodes of the show, and then they didn’t even want me in the series finale? I just felt like no one particularly cared about me.”
  24. theme songs
    See Fifteen Iconic TV Theme Songs Re-created in Two MinutesThe Koren Ensemble covered all the theme songs! All of them!
  25. nostalgia fact-check
    How Does Dawson’s Creek Hold Up?Verbosely. And slllllowwwwwly.
  26. michelle williams
    Michelle Williams Never Had Her Heart in Dawson’s Creek“You set up a shop selling pizza but in the back you’re laundering money.”
  27. pacey-con
    Joshua Jackson Holds ‘Pacey-Con’An alternative to that other convention that took place this weekend.
  28. chat room
    James Van Der Beek on His Role on Mercy The ‘Dawson’s Creek’ alum speaks about his guest role on ‘Mercy’ and adjusting to adulthood.
  29. apropos of nothing
    So, Who Was That Hottie on ‘The Sopranos’?