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  1. the industry
    Spotify’s Latest Podcast Conquest: The DC UniverseThe two forces are teaming up.
  2. worth a try
    Maybe a Birds of Prey Title Tweak Will Send Fans Flocking to the TheaterThey know you’re going specifically to see Harley. Why not be up front about it?
  3. vulture lists
    Every DC Comics Movie, RankedFrom the Christopher Reeve era to the new Birds of Prey, which films stand above the rest?
  4. sequential art
    The Strange, Hidden Story of Harley QuinnHow the Birds of Prey character became DC Comics’ most successful villain.
  5. casting
    Zoë Kravitz to Star As Catwoman in Upcoming BatmanSometimes the right choice is the obvious one.
  6. movie review
    Joker Is One Unpleasant Note Played Louder and LouderJoaquin Phoenix is impressive, but the film panders to selfish, small-minded feelings of resentment.
  7. casting call
    James Gunn Confirms Pretty Much Everyone Is in The Suicide Squad CastExcept for poor ol’ Jared Leto. Better luck next squad, Jared.
  8. sdcc 2019
    Doom Patrol Season 2 Is Coming to HBO MaxThe critically acclaimed DC Universe show will be on multiple streaming platforms for its second season.
  9. shazam!
    Before Shazam! Was a Big-budget Movie It Was an Extremely Odd TV Show for KidsThe live-action Saturday-morning series Shazam! ran for three strange seasons between 1974 and 1976.
  10. chat room
    Jon Cryer Can’t Believe He’s Playing Lex Luthor on Supergirl“To this day, I’m not 100 percent sure why they asked me.”
  11. movies
    Dr. Phil’s Kidnapping Figures Prominently in New Harley Quinn and Joker MovieSee, now that is twisted.
  12. streaming
    DC Comics Announces Launch Date for Its Own Streaming ServiceAnd a brand new original series: Titans.
  13. movies
    Lakeith Stanfield Will Star in Prince of Cats FilmThe Sorry to Bother You actor will lead the Capulets through Brooklyn
  14. comic book movies
    Robert De Niro in Talks to Join DC Universe for Joker MovieYou’re good, you.
  15. Jason Momoa Says Aquaman Is ‘Like Indiana Jones and Star WarsAt CinemaCon, Momoa, director James Wan, and Amber Heard gave audiences a first look at the upcoming film.
  16. movies
    Batgirl Replaces Joss Whedon With Bumblebee ScreenwriterWhedon left the project because he said he couldn’t come up with a story.
  17. Ava DuVernay Reportedly Directing The New Gods for DC and Warner Bros.Bam!
  18. well hello there
    Here’s the Very Good-Looking First Photo of Joe Manganiello As DeathstrokeHe’s easy on the eyes.
  19. review round-up
    Critics on Justice League: At Least It’s Not Batman v SupermanAt best, it is portrayed as a fun, easy throwaway, and at worst, an incoherent and weak attempt to match Marvel’s Avengers.
  20. trailer mix
    The World Is Falling Apart in the New Justice League TrailerWe’re only one month away now.
  21. How Wonder Woman Changed DC’s Entire Movie StrategyCan DC Entertainment bring its success in comics, TV, and games to the multiplex?
  22. send doll pics
    Just How Thirsty Is DC to Get Leonardo DiCaprio to Play the Joker?Warner Bros. has Scorsese, but who else will the studio recruit to woo Leonardo DiCaprio?
  23. Frank Miller Is Writing a ‘Superman: Year One’–Style Origin StoryThe comics legend is finally taking a “meaningful crack” at the Man of Steel.
  24. the hero we deserve
    Will Ben Affleck Quit Playing Batman?Warner Bros. is reportedly interested in hiring a different Batman for its upcoming films.
  25. vulture lists
    7 Comics to Read Before Seeing Wonder WomanWant to understand Wonder Woman? These comics are the perfect place to start.
  26. black lightning
    Greg Berlanti’s Black Lightning Superhero Series Is a Go at CWBlack Lightning is Belanti’s fifth DC Comics adaptation.
  27. nightwing
    Warner Bros. Mulling Movie About Batman Protégé NightwingChris McKay of The Lego Batman Movie would direct.
  28. the batman
    Matt Reeves Signs On to Direct Ben Affleck in The BatmanBen Affleck was previously supposed to do the job.
  29. Mel Gibson Reportedly in Very Early Talks to Direct Suicide Squad SequelHis much-criticized comeback continues as Warner Bros. superheroes flail.
  30. early retirements
    Ben Affleck Quitting Batman Might Be the Disaster the DC Superhero Movies NeedHe’s reportedly unhappy, and a departure could be surprisingly great for both him and Warner Bros.
  31. the lego batman movie
    What The Lego Batman Movie Gets About Batman That Other Movies Don’tThe animated movie embraces the many ridiculous elements of Batman’s long history.
  32. black lightning
    Greg Berlanti’s Superhero Series Black Lightning Gets CW Pilot OrderThe longstanding DC Comics character will headline the first CW solo-superhero series about a black character.
  33. aquaman
    The Get Down Actor Is Your Aquaman VillainAnd Nicole Kidman’s in talks to play the hero’s mom.
  34. black adam
    Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam To Get His Own Supervillain MovieThis is an unusual cinematic development.
  35. superheroes
    Batman v Superman Writer David Goyer Tapped for Green Lantern MovieJustin Rhodes will co-write.
  36. it's magic
    Constantine Animated Series Coming to CW SeedMatt Ryan, star of the short-lived NBC series, is returning to voice Constantine.
  37. sequential art
    DC Comics’ Watchmen Revival Could Go Very, Very WrongAre Alan Moore’s characters about to be thrown into a high-octane adventure alongside the kinds of figures they were designed to mock?
  38. superheroes
    DC Comics’ Geoff Johns Teases New TV Series Coming in 2017Johns says a new DC TV announcement is coming soon.
  39. sequential art
    How DC Comics Scored Its Biggest Win in Years With ‘Rebirth’The comics giant had been in a slump. Then they had a new idea: Why not keep things simple?
  40. villains
    Ayer to Direct Harley Quinn–Starring SpinoffThe next DC movie arrives.
  41. dc movies
    Time Warner CEO Admits DC Movies Aren’t Great“We can do a little better on the creative.”
  42. superhero industrial complex
    Fox to Produce Black Lightning PilotThis will be producer Greg Berlanti’s fifth active superhero project.
  43. cinematic universes
    Greg Berlanti’s Booster Gold Movie Won’t Be in DC Cinematic UniverseIt will be the rare standalone superhero offering.
  44. vulture cover story
    Greg Berlanti Knows the Secret to Superhero TVWith four successful shows, the veteran showrunner has found a way to make DC’s heroes succeed on the small screen.
  45. Greg Berlanti Knows the Secret to Superhero TVWith four successful shows, the veteran showrunner has found a way to make DC’s heroes succeed on the small screen.
  46. the industry
    Berlanti Developing ‘Black Lightning’ Series Get ready to dive even deeper into the DC universe.
  47. reunions
    Dig This Trailer for the 1960s Batman Reunion FlickNo Ben Affleck in sight.
  48. pure speculation
    Superman Has a New Black Suit in Justice League Maybe he was just inspired by Batman?
  49. tv
    The Flash, Supergirl to Get a Musical CrossoverMelissa Benoist and Grant Gustin will finally warm up those Glee pipes again.
  50. box office futures
    Suicide Squad’s Records Are Nice, But Its Run Probably Won’t End WellDC does not want to find itself in the position of needing to convince ostensibly loyal fans to actually see its films.
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