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Dead To Me Season 2

  1. get the chardonnay
    Dead to Me’s Best Supporting Character Is WineA recap of all the times Jen and Judy pour themselves a glass of red, white, or (God forbid) orange in season two.
  2. continue watching?
    Dead to Me’s Many, Many, Many Cliffhangers: An Episodic GuideHow does the addictive Netflix dramedy work its binge-magic so effectively? Let’s review all the twists, reveals, and OMG moments to find out.
  3. get the chardonnay
    7 Lingering Dead to Me Questions Season 3 Needs to AnswerThat car crash came at the worst possible moment.
  4. overnights
    Dead to Me Season-Finale Recap: In Case of EmergencyNo one knows how to drive in Laguna Beach.
  5. overnights
    Dead to Me Recap: Paying the PriceSomeone’s got to confess. But who will get there first?
  6. overnights
    Dead to Me Recap: ScarsIf you squint, you can almost see season three from here.
  7. overnights
    Dead to Me Recap: WWJDA candlelight vigil proves the perfect setting for all our characters to bounce off each other, and for secrets to come creeping out.
  8. overnights
    Dead to Me Recap: Small TownIf you thought the appearance of Ben would be the soapiest turn of this season, you were wrong.
  9. overnights
    Dead to Me Recap: Mercury in RetrogradeAfter finding common ground, Jen and Judy split up to spend time with new friends who could end up being something more.
  10. overnights
    Dead to Me Recap: Sense of OccasionWhat feels like a victory to Jen doesn’t carry the same sense of relief for Judy.
  11. overnights
    Dead to Me Recap: Hot RatsWhat’s going to get Jen first: the discovery of what’s happening in her garage, or the guilt over what she hasn’t told her BFF?
  12. tv review
    Dead to Me Is Even Wilder in Season TwoI mean that in a good way.
  13. to be continued...
    What You Need to Remember for Dead to Me Season 2The Netflix hit has no shortage of twists, turns, and dead bodies to keep track of, so let’s review the important ones heading into the new season.
  14. dead to me
    9 Lingering Dead to Me Questions Season 2 Needs to AnswerNetflix’s hit dramedy returns for another season of wine-drinking and murder-hiding — but where will this story go after that cliffhanger ending?