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  1. celebrity holograms
    Dean Martin Will Return to Vegas As a HologramHow should this make you feel?
  2. The Head Writer at the End of an EraIt was the summer of Watergate. The Senate panel held forth from every television. Sam Ervin: “That’s not executive privilege, that’s executive […]
  3. scarlett johansson
    Hear Scarlett Johansson Duet With Dean MartinScarlett Johansson duets on “White Christmas” with Dino for his holiday album.
  4. clickables
    Read Dean Martin’s Foolproof Burger RecipeThe original Ron Swanson.
  5. who did it best
    Glee vs. YouTube: Who Did ‘Sway’ Best?Vote for your favorite cover of the jazz standard “Sway.”
  6. vulture lists
    15 Most Dynamic Duos in Pop Culture HistoryWho are the best buddies of all time — in movies, literature, TV, and music?