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Dear John

  1. dear john
    John Mayer Can Totally Talk About Taylor Swift, Noooo Problem — It’s Fine!“We have to be able to talk about Taylor Swift, professionally.” 
  2. heartbreak
    Turns Out John Mayer Did Not Enjoy the Song Taylor Swift Wrote About Him“It made me feel terrible.”
  3. the industry
    N.C. Tries to Bring Nicholas Sparks’ Movies HomeThe governor heads to Hollywood to offer a generous tax credit.
  4. the industry
    Hollywood Rushes to Meet Tween-Girl NeedsAfter the Nicholas Sparks adaptation opened with $30 million, Hollywood is finally learning that the female audience subdivides into multiple niches.
  5. weekend box office
    Valentine’s Day Wins the Weekend’Avatar’ falls all the way to fourth.
  6. weekend box office
    Dear John Ends Avatar’s ReignAfter seven weeks atop the box office, ‘Avatar’ falls to number two.
  7. avatar
    Avatar Death Watch: Dear John Kicked Na’vi Butt Last NightBut there’s still time for James Cameron to come back.
  8. cheek by jowl
    Dear John the Movie vs. Dear John the TV ShowWhere confusion reigns, we step in.
  9. chat room
    Channing Tatum is Proud of G.I. Joe’s Razzie NomsThe ‘Dear John’ star will not apologize for blowing shit up.
  10. movies
    Is Channing Tatum’s Sappy New Website a Dear John Marketing Ploy?Conveniently unveiled just in time for the ‘Dear John’ premiere.
  11. trailer mix
    Dear John Trailer: A Nicholas Sparks Tearjerker With Oscar CredWill this be the movie that finally breaks Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum into the big time?
  12. the industry
    Jaden Smith to Strike a Crane PosePlus: America Ferrera bows to popular demand, will star in an Iraq-war drama.
  13. the industry
    Will Smith Is Heading for ‘The Sticks’Plus: Katie Holmes on Broadway!