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Death Wish

  1. Eli Roth’s Death Wish Remake Is Practically an NRA PromoIt couldn’t have arrived at a worse time (or a better one, depending on your perspective).
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    Death Wish Trailer: Bruce Willis Goes on a Killing Spree to Avenge His FamilyHis wish is one of death.
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    Vincent D’Onofrio Joins Bruce Willis in Eli Roth’s Death WishThe film goes into production on September 26.
  4. They’re Remaking Death WishJoe Carnahan will write and direct.
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    Industry Roundup: Ice Cube, Dirty Harry Wannabe?Plus: Martin Sheen and Sally Field in the new ‘Spider-Man’ movie.
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    Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Biel Get ‘Nailed’ in David O. Russell’s NextAnd it’s co-written with Kristin Gore!