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    Steven Soderbergh Is Doing Some Next-Level Work on The KnickLet’s take a moment to appreciate what we’re watching.
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    On That Hunger Games Teaser: Wait, Why Is Peeta Evil Now?Book fans will know. 
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    Let’s Not Be So Quick to Anoint Fargo the Next Great TV ShowMatt Zoller Seitz asks, “Why didn’t I love it more?”
  4. deep dives
    6 Questions Game of Thrones Has Yet to AnswerWhere is Rickon, for starters.
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    Conversation About Louie Season 4Our TV critic and our Louie recapper look back on season four.
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    How Are We Supposed to Feel About Tyrion Now?A character’s dying breath often unsettles reactions you thought were settled.
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    23 Oddities and Oversights From This Year’s Emmy BallotsWhich Westerosi and Litchfield inmates were left out of contention?
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    What Tonight’s Louie Gets Right (And Wrong) About Weight and WomenLouis C.K. is smart to point out the hypocrisy and double standards of dating while fat.
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    8 Thoughts on the First Gone Girl TrailerFor the detail-oriented among you.
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    Seitz on Girls Season 3: Sharp Until Those Last Two Messy EpisodesSeasons one and two had lively, intricately crafted season finales. Season three’s was a mess.
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    True Detective: Who Is the Yellow King? Here Are Some TheoriesCome down here into Carcosa with us.
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    Seitz on True Detective’s 6-Minute Tracking ShotIt’s a mistake to praise the shot simply for existing.
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    The LEGO Movie is Practically CommunistPushing back against the age of empowerment.
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    Are You Feeling Anything? Seitz on Girls, Death, and Mourning“Are you feeling anything?” could be asked of any Girls character, in almost any circumstance.
  15. deep dives
    What Is Going on With Shoshanna on Girls?Things have gone far past Kramer territory.
  16. movie math
    All the Curses in Wolf of Wall Street, in ChartsBecause this is important.
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    Soundtrack Check: Anchorman, Wall Street, HustleHow are songs used — from the obvious to the sublime.
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    Seitz: Homeland Is the Smartest and Dumbest Cable Drama I’ve Ever SeenHomeland might as well change its title to As the Intelligence World Turns.
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    Seitz on Boardwalk Empire: Season Four’s Greatness BluesAfter years of showing promise, Terence Winter’s HBO show finally delivered.
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    12 Years a Slave vs. the 1984 TV-Movie VersionThe director of Shaft was the first to adapt the 1853 memoir.
  21. deep dives
    Blue Is the Warmest Color and Lesbian Movie SexThe film is just the latest in a decades-long march towards more complex lesbian stories on the big screen.
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    Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant on 11 Classic Reno 911! ScenesThomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant select their favorite improved bits from the cult Comedy Central show.
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    Seitz: 24 Things I Learned While Writing My Book About Wes AndersonNo. 1 — Wes Anderson and “Wes Anderson” are not the same guy.
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    Why Did Homeland’s Twist Feel Like a Cheat?This week’s episode was something new for the show.
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    Matt Zoller Seitz on the 11 Breaking Bad Episodes He Can’t ShakeMaybe it’s best to think of this as a New Hampshire cabin viewing list.
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    Seitz on Breaking Bad, and Why Viewers Need to Whitewash Walter WhiteWalter is a good man. Walter is a monster. Neither statement excludes the other.
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    Syd Mead on His Elysium, Blade Runner DesignsThe futurist/industrial designer has worked on some of modern sci-fi’s most memorable films.
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    Leo’s Insane Introduction in GatsbySo over-the-top it might have hit the moon.
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    Watch Conan O’Brien and Four Other Writers Discuss The SimpsonsIt’s nearly an hour and a half of reminiscing.
  30. Thoughts on Norman Bates and Psycho’s 4 SequelsTwenty thoughts on the Psycho franchise.