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  1. music
    Drake Throws a Degrassi Reunion in ‘I’m Upset’ VideoHe’s still upset, but he has friends and it’s nice.
  2. vulture lists
    The Best Dysfunctional-Teen Shows to Stream Right NowIt’s America versus Britain for your attention.
  3. cameos
    The NYC Parks Department Is Trolling Us With Drake’s Wheelchair Jimmy Meme NowJust hold on, we’re going to Fort Greene Park.
  4. gender
    The Story Behind Degrassi’s First Gender-Fluid Character“For the first couple of seasons, we didn’t know what the endpoint was.”
  5. comfort tv
    Comfort TV to Stream This Winter (and for the Next Four Years)From The Great British Bake Off to Parks and Recreation.
  6. degrassi
    What Your Fave Degrassi Characters Are Doing NowThey made it through to adulthood.
  7. reunions
    Take a Look at Nexflix’s DeGrassi: Next Class Sadly, Drake did not RSVP to the reunion.
  8. season premieres
    Degrassi Will Return This SummerJuly 22!
  9. stay tuned
    What Political TV Shows Should I Watch? Your Pressing TV Questions, AnsweredPlus: Should I be watching Degrassi?
  10. shoutouts
    Netflix Synergy: Degrassi’s Gilmore Girls PlotBehold Christopher.
  11. things that are amazing beyond belief
    Drake Had a Degrassi ReunionWITH SPINNER.
  12. lessons
    What Homeland Can Learn From Other Teen TV Hit-and-RunsOn Saved by the Bell, Degrassi, and 90210.
  13. accomplishments
    Drake’s High School Graduation Is Coming UpWe are proud of him.
  14. vulture lists
    The 239 Issues Tackled by Degrassi Over Twelve SeasonsIt really does go there.
  15. oh canada!
    Dozens of People Watched The L.A. Complex on the CW Last NightThe CW’s new show is the lowest-rated network drama  premiere ever.
  16. drake
    Watch Drake Commemorate His Degrassi Character With ‘The Wheelchair Jimmy’ DanceAnd if you don’t know what Degrassi is, shame on you.
  17. the future
    What Other Degrassi Alum Will Be a Rap Star?After Drake, record company executives are sure to be sniffing around ‘Degrassi’ for more rap stars.
  18. degrassi
    Degrassi, Rap-Star FactoryMeet Drake, the best rapper alive … who also used to be on ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation.’