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  1. delays
    Lionsgate Cuts John Travolta’s Gotti Biopic Just 10 Days Before ReleaseThe studio hasn’t said why they sold the movie back to the production company at the last minute.
  2. freak accidents
    Ryan Phillippe Injured in ‘Freak Accident,’ Which May Affect Shooter ProductionThe actor is still wrapping up production on season two of his USA drama.
  3. delays
    Laura Poitras Cancels Assange Doc Screening to Add Jeff Sessions UpdateRisk’s May 5 release date is unaffected.
  4. delays
    Terry Gilliam’s Don Quixote Delayed As God Smites Filmmaker Yet AgainThanks to a financing problem.
  5. delays
    Is the Gambit Movie Avoiding Suicide Squad’s Failings?It’s taking its time, which could be a good thing.
  6. delays
    Spielberg Scraps Robopocalypse for NowIt’s “too important and the script is not ready, and it’s too expensive to produce.”
  7. delays
    M.I.A.’s Album Delayed Thanks to Too Many Good VibesInterscope told her that Matangi is “too positive.”
  8. delays
    Carrie Remake Delayed to OctoberTelekinesis takes time.
  9. delays
    Big Boi’s Album Pushed Back a MonthWhich is more or less on time for him.
  10. delays
    Backers Shut Down Motor CityThe crew of the Albert Hughes thriller was sent home today. 
  11. delays
    A$AP Rocky Album Pushed Back to HalloweenSpooky.
  12. delays
    G.I. Joe: Retaliation Gets Majorly DelayedFrom this June to March 2013.
  13. delays
    Eminem’s Boxing Drama Is on the Back BurnerHe’s pushing pause on Southpaw to work on new music.
  14. delays
    Ender’s Game Gets Pushed Way BackCall your sci-fi fanatic friend and verify he or she is okay.
  15. delays
    You’ll Just Have to Wait Patiently for the A$AP-Lana CollaborationBlame A$AP Rocky (or his label).
  16. delays
    The Clockwork Orange Songs Anthony Burgess Wrote Will Finally Be Performed“It’s pretty close to ‘West Side Story.’”
  17. take me home tonight
    Another Reason for the Take Me Home Tonight DelaysScenes of cocaine use another reason for the holdup.
  18. delays
    Panda Bear’s Album: Delayed“I probably only recorded about half the songs at this point.”
  19. delays
    Fox Bumps Spielberg’s Dinosaur Show to 2011You’re gonna have to wait a little longer for your TV dinosaurs.
  20. charlie sheen
    Charlie Sheen Sentencing ‘Hits a Snag’Court date pushed back to July 12.
  21. delays
    Judge Blocks Jim Carrey’s Gay Prison MovieWill we ever get to see Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor play jailed, star-crossed lovers on the big screen? Seemingly not!
  22. delays
    Green Hornet Release Bumped Three WeeksSeth Rogen film moved from its Christmas 2010 slot.
  23. jamesbondpocalypse
    Bond 23 on Hold … Indefinite HoldHas MGM’s crappy luck spared us all a Sam Mendes–directed James Bond movie?
  24. things that will never happen
    Jim Carrey’s Gay Prison Movie to Come Out After All?Its status has just been upgraded from “shelved” to “maybe being released on July 30.”
  25. delays
    Release of Jim Carrey’s Gay Prison Comedy Delayed IndefinitelyForget about ever seeing Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor make out.
  26. delays
    Drake’s Release Date Moved Back by Three Weeks’Thank Me Later’ will now be released June 15.
  27. delays
    Edward Norton Stoner Movie to Open Later, ManFollowing its acquisition by a new distributor, the movie will get a bigger release sometime this summer than the two-screen one planned by First Look Studios.
  28. delays
    Wall Street 2 BumpedYou’ll have to wait till September now.
  29. delays
    Raaaaaaaandy Mixtape Delayed!“Hide my dick in that burrito.”
  30. delays
    March is No Longer the Season of the WitchSorry Nic Cage fans.
  31. delays
    Weinsteins Push Back Piranha 3-DBad news for fans of 3-D fish-on-human violence.
  32. delays
    Great News: Rebirth Not Pushed BackHooray!
  33. delays
    Rebirth Pushed Back One More Time, for Old Time’s SakeLook, we’re really sorry to keep bringing this up.
  34. delays
    Lil‘ Wayne’s Rebirth Is Delayed Yet AgainLike clockwork.
  35. delays
    Noted Perfectionist Big Boi Is Finally Done With Sir LusciousAlso, a new André 3000 solo album?
  36. delays
    FlashForward Coming Back in March, Not JanuaryA flash forward indeed!
  37. delays
    No Tree of Life Till Next YearIt won’t be done in time to make its December 25 release date.
  38. delays
    Lil Wayne to Release Three Albums This Year?No, probably not.
  39. delays
    Nine Bumped to DecemberIt hits in New York and L.A. on December 18.
  40. delays
    Angry Nerds Revolt After Pee-wee Herman Delays New Stage Show“It feels like being stood up by someone who was one of your very favorite people, to find out they blew you off to hang out with people that are fancier and prettier and richer or something.”
  41. delays
    Lil Wayne Still Can’t Put His Album OutYep, ‘Rebirth’ has been pushed back again.
  42. delays
    Revolt Bumped to JanuaryMichael Cera’s mustache movie is being pushed back three months.
  43. delays
    Another Delay on The Road’The Road’ has been bumped from its previously scheduled October 16 release to one on November 25.
  44. delays
    New Dr. Dre Song Is Actually an Old Dr. Dre SongSadly, this song with Snoop Dogg isn’t from ‘Detox,’ but on a brighter note it IS an outtake from ‘The Chronic.’
  45. delays
    Shutter Island Banished to No-Oscar Island (i.e., February)Is it getting hot next February, or is it just the movies pushed there from their original fall release dates?
  46. delays
    Mariah Carey’s New Record Still a Little Too Imperfect to Be Released On Time’Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel’ has been delayed yet again.
  47. delays
    The Box Possibly Coming in November, MaybeIf it gets one more release date, it will basically qualify as a rap album.
  48. delays
    Coming Soon: New Albums From Mariah, Diddy, and Lil WayneAlso, Amerie is getting jerked around again.
  49. delays
    Second Season of Dollhouse Already Getting the Shaft From FoxThe show’s second-season premiere has been delayed so that Fox can air a repeat of ‘Glee.’
  50. delays
    Lil Wayne’s Rock Album Gets Pushed Back AgainGuess the streets can wait, after all.
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