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  1. air travel
    Migos Reportedly Kicked Off Delta Flight Due to Racial ProfilingIt all started with a carry-on bag.
  2. controversies
    Public Theater Artistic Director Addresses Trump Julius Caesar on Opening Night“Like drama, democracy depends on the conflict of different points of view. Nobody owns the truth.”
  3. mykki blanco
    Passenger Called Police After Feeling ‘Not Comfortable’ Sitting by Mykki Blanco“This is the most bizarre form of homophobia I have ever encountered.”
  4. discrimination
    YouTubers Release New Footage of Delta Incident“People keep using the fact that we’re pranksters against us.”
  5. in-flight entertainment
    Delta to Pull Chris Rock Special With Gay SlurDelta recently faced criticism for airing an edited version of Carol.
  6. versayce
    Please Help Elizabeth Berkley Find the Jacket She Left on a FlightDo it for Nomi.
  7. clickables
    Watch a Guy Propose to His Girlfriend on an AirplaneTrue love flies first class.