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Derry Girls

  1. holiday tv
    Great British Bake Off Better Fireproof the Tent: The Derry Girls Are Coming!That’s good craic!
  2. forgive us father
    If Your TV Show Doesn’t Have a Hot Priest, What Are You Even Doing?From Fleabag to Derry Girls to Los Espookys, no buzzy show is complete without its very own hot priest.
  3. the troubles
    My Northern-Irish Family Reviews Derry Girls“If you grow up somewhere war-torn, it’s quite different from what you would imagine, especially for young people.”
  4. tv review
    Derry Girls Is Teen TV at Its BestThe Channel 4/Netflix series resists the easy traps that so often hinder teen shows.
  5. comedy
    Derry Girls Season Two Will Be More ‘Emotional,’ But Still Extremely IrishCreator Lisa McGee talks British Soft Boys, Bill Clinton’s 1995 visit to Derry, and the enduring appeal of the Cranberries.