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Designing Women

  1. streaming
    Sugarbakers Will Be Streaming: Hulu Has Picked Up the Rights to Designing WomenThe series will be available in full online on August 26.
  2. revivals
    The Sugarbakers Might Live On: ABC’s Developing a Designing Women ‘Sequel’Creator Linda Bloodworth-Thomason will return.
  3. rebootmania
    The Next TV Revival Will Be [Pulls Name From Fancy Hat] Designing WomenSure, why not.
  4. remembrances
    A Belated Tribute to Meshach TaylorGod bless Anthony Bouvier.
  5. r.i.p.
    Designing Women’s Meshach Taylor Dead at 67Goodbye, Anthony Bouvier. 
  6. sitcom smackdown
    Comedy Undercard: Designing Women vs. GirlfriendsBattle of the female ensembles!
  7. comedy
    Watch a Fictional, Twisted PSA About ‘Naturally Beautiful Calves’Ever wish Designing Women were actually a really twisted Tim and Eric–style sketch about calves? Wish no more!
  8. Remembering Rue McClanahan and Dixie CarterIn the late 1980s you could find me under a folding table covered in Peanuts sheets. Written under the table were the words “Caitlin Tegart […]