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Destiny's Child

  1. beychella
    What It Was Like to Be in the Audience for Beyoncé’s Historic Coachella ShowWhat you missed at home.
  2. mental health
    Michelle Williams Is ‘Proudly’ Seeking Mental-Health Treatment“I recently listened to the same advice I have given to thousands around the world,” Williams wrote in a statement.
  3. coachella 2018
    Does Beyoncé Have a Different Set Planned for Coachella Weekend 2?A photo posted to Beyoncé’s site seems to suggest that the Beychella set list might shift when we see her next.
  4. coachella 2018
    Everything That Happened During Beyoncé’s Coachella PerformanceSolange! Jay-Z! Destiny’s Child! Greek Life!
  5. reunions
    Beyoncé Was Nice Enough to Reunite Destiny’s Child for UsThanks, high expectations of Coachella!
  6. 25 Iconic Soundtrack Songs, RankedYou won’t be surprised to learn that “My Heart Will Go On” is on here.
  7. Michelle Williams Discusses Her Battle With Depression During Destiny’s Child“It got so dark and heavy.”
  8. John Oliver Urges Republicans to Call Out Trump With Advice From Destiny’s ChildJohn Oliver has a message for Republicans in Congress who have not condemned Trump’s Charlottesville comments.
  9. oops
    Karlie Kloss Mistakes TLC’s ‘Waterfalls’ for a Destiny’s Child SongThis from a self-proclaimed fan of the group.
  10. billy lynn's long halftime walk
    Billy Lynn Has a Fake BeyoncéYou don’t see a lot of her, but still.
  11. mannequin challenge
    Destiny’s Child Reunited for Mannequin ChallengeMemories frozen in time.
  12. reunions
    Here’s Another Video of the Brief Destiny’s Child Reunion Thanks, Kelly Rowland.
  13. reunions
    Destiny’s Child Reunited to Perform Michelle’s Gospel SongNot-so-poor Michelle.
  14. videology
    Look, Michelle Williams Got to Star in a Destiny’s Child VideoBeyoncé and Kelly said yes.
  15. right-click
    Hear a New Michelle Williams Song Featuring Beyoncé and Kelly RowlandDestiny’s Child reunites again.
  16. right-click
    The Destiny’s Child Reunion Is Still GoingHere’s a new single, “You’ve Changed.”
  17. reality shows
    Michelle Williams Is Getting Her Own Reality ShowNo, the other Michelle Williams.
  18. the same name
    What If Destiny’s Child Included the Other Michelle Williams?You know, actress Michelle Williams.
  19. vulture lists
    Super Bowl 2013: The Top 25 Destiny’s Child SongsThis list is jumpin’, jumpin’.
  20. non-denial denials
    Michelle Williams Is Not Ready to Confirm a Destiny’s Child Reunion“It is rumored.”
  21. beyonce bowl
    Beyoncé’s Alleged Super Bowl Set List Is HereBut will she sing?!
  22. reunions
    Your Super Bowl Now Includes a Destiny’s Child Reunion [Updated]Update: the new song is here!
  23. kelly rowland
    See Kelly Rowland’s European Vacation in Her Video, ‘Keep It Between Us’Not to upstage little Blue Ivy, but look at Kelly Rowland. Look at her!
  24. destiny's child
    Watch Kelly Rowland’s One-Person Destiny’s Child MedleyAll your Destiny’s Child favorites, but basically just one verse from each hit, but more guitar shredding.
  25. glee
    Watch Glee Mash Up Destiny’s Child and Gloria GaynorThis one’s for the ladies.
  26. clickables
    See Glee’s Darren Criss and the Warblers Sing ‘Bills, Bills, Bills’It’s basically “Teenage Dream” redux.
  27. destiny's child
    Try To Remain Calm: Beyonce May Be PregnantJay-Z and wife said to be expecting a destiny’s child of their own.
  28. leak of the week
    Kelly Rowland Album Leaks, Singer Upstaged By Snoop?Former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland reportedly spent almost four years on the followup to 2002’s Simply Deep, not that you’d know it.
  29. cheek by jowl
    Beyoncé and Kelly Face Off in ‘Vibe’
  30. apropos of nothing
    Mariah Carey Startled by Indie-Rock Fan Base