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  1. and the nominees are
    2017 DGA Film Nominees Are HereNate Parker also got a nomination for The Birth of a Nation.
  2. dga awards
    Alejandro González Iñárritu on Donald Trump and Immigration at the DGA Awards“Viva Mexico! That’s not the people Donald Trump has described at all, let me tell you.”
  3. awards season
    The Revenant’s Iñárritu Wins DGA AwardRecognition also went to Game of Thrones, Ex Machina, and Veep.
  4. Directors Guild Snubs David O. Russell and Quentin TarantinoDavid O. Russell = snubbed.
  5. sebastian junger
    Sebastian Junger Almost Died for RestrepoAnd now he’s up for an award!
  6. Bigelow Wins DGA Award; Brangelina Shows’The Hurt Locker’ director’s win was nearly eclipsed by the apparent refutation of all those break-up rumors
  7. Tonight: Cameron, Bigelow in DGA Cage MatchExes square off in final battle before Oscars.
  8. kudos
    Slumdog Wins Another AwardDespite last week’s invented controversy, Danny Boyle won top honors from the Directors Guild on Saturday.
  9. kudos
    Batman Scores DGA NodAre these the front-runners for Best Picture?
  10. kudos
    Directors Guild Snubs Andrew Stanton’Wall-E’ helmer Andrew Stanton has been inexplicably ruled ineligible for a DGA Award on the count that his movie is animated.
  11. kudos
    Coen Brothers Win DGA Award — Is ‘No Country’ a Lock for Best Picture?Probably!
  12. kudos
    Coens, Schnabel, Anderson Get Directors Guild Nods; ‘Atonement’ SnubbedDoes this mean it’s all over for Atonement?