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  1. year in culture 2016
    The 10 Best Art Shows of 2016What art and which artists had inklings we were entering a paradigm shift?
  2. Kathryn Hahn Has So Much To Say About Joe Lo Truglio’s Penis There are some amazing shots of this particular penis. A really amazing one through car windows, squatting down, just the nuts, it’s pretty […]
  3. A Brief Discussion About the First Two and a Half Men Promo Photo with […]Adam Frucci: http://insidetv.ew.com/2011/07/19/two-and-a-half-naked-photo/ hoo boy Halle Kiefer: WE MEAN THEIR DICKS Adam Frucci: HIGH […]
  4. dicks
    Warner Bros. Lets Kevin Smith Keep His DicksThe studio won’t make him change the name of his movie to ‘A Couple of Cops.’
  5. dicks
    Why Can’t Kevin Smith Have a Provocatively Titled Movie?First, there was the not-at-all-intentional uproar over ‘Zack and Miri Make a Porno,’ and now Warner Bros. is making Kevin Smith change another stupid title.