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Dinner For Schmucks

  1. chat room
    Kristen Schaal on Her Sex BookThe comedian discusses her crush on Paul Rudd, growing chest hair for her book, and why she was upset by Jezebel.
  2. chat room
    Ron Livingston on Dinner for SchmucksThe actor discusses returning to comedy, working with a vulture, and why he’ll never make torture porn.
  3. people
    What You Learn After Two Days with Paul Rudd“I’m not surprised by anything because I really just feel as if I’m on a slow, steady course to, just, destruction in every facet of my body and mind.”
  4. party lines
    Paul Rudd at Dinner for Schmucks PremierePlus: Russell Simmons, Christie Brinkley, Zach Galifianakis …
  5. party chat
    Adam Scott and Paul Rudd Hate Their Beards“My skin will be tingling with coolness and smooth as a baby’s leg.”
  6. the industry
    Industry Roundup: MonsterpocalypsePlus: USA orders ‘Common Law’ pilot.
  7. yiddishisms
    Dinner for Schmucks Should Probably Be Titled Dinner for SchlemielsOr maybe ‘Dinner for Shmendriks.’
  8. trailer mix
    Dinner for Schmucks Trailer: Rudd and Carell’s Unlikely BromanceWe would see anything starring Steve Carell and Paul Rudd, period.
  9. the industry
    Ron Livingston Is a SchmuckPlus: ‘In Treatment’ returns! Angie Harmon returns! ‘Top Chef’ returns (in a way)!
  10. the industry
    Zach Galifianakis Is Coming to DinnerPlus: Sheryl Crow! Gus Van Sant! Meat Loaf!
  11. the industry
    Leonardo DiCaprio and Ridley Scott Try the SomaPlus: Laura Dern and Mike White get ‘Enlightened’ on HBO.
  12. the industry
    Dakota Fanning Rocks!Plus: Tyler Perry makes more movies.