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Dinner Parties

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    Kanye, Pete Davidson, Timothée Chalamet, and Kid Cudi Had a Dinner PartyWhat do we think they talked about?
  2. dinner parties
    Bring Your Patti’s Pies to Kat Dennings and Malin Akerman’s FriendsgivingThere will be drama.
  3. dinner parties
    Woody Harrelson’s Dinner With Donald Trump Was So Brutal That He Busted Out Weed“You could see the standard he was going to bear.”
  4. dinner parties
    In Praise of Reese Witherspoon in Big Little Lies’ Funniest SceneHooray for Madeline Martha Mackenzie.
  5. dinner party conversation
    Your TV Small-Talk Is Ruining Dinner PartiesYou’d be better off talking about the weather.