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Director's Cut

  1. deep dives
    Will Terrence Malick Ever Really Finish The Tree of Life?We break down the differences between the original and the new cut, released today.
  2. director's cut
    The 54 Director’s Cut Is Coming to VODParty.
  3. director's cut
    54 Bombed in 1998. Now It’s Been Resurrected as a Cult Gay Classic.The unexpected resurrection of the Mike Myers–Ryan Phillippe disco drama. 
  4. Ben Stiller Thinks Penn Jillette Is The Worst Penn Jillette has been raising money on FundAnything for his film Director’s Cut, in which he will finally get to play a bad guy in a movie. […]
  5. director's cut
    Director Wong Kar-Wai Explains Three Key Scenes From The Grandmaster“It was actually freezing, with all that rain. It was terrible.”
  6. The Original, Dark Ending to ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ Is Restored for the […]“The original ending [of 1986’s Little Shop of Horrors] perfectly suited the film and especially the stage musical’s pitch-black, darkly funny […]