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Directorial Chairs

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    Don Cheadle’s Miles Davis Biopic Is Finally HappeningHe’ll direct and star in Kill the Trumpet Player.
  2. directorial chairs
    Director Sam Mendes Might Return for the Next Bond Movie After AllSounds like a pretty strong possibility.
  3. directorial chairs
    Spike Lee Attached to Nineties Gold-Mining MovieGold was formerly a Michael Mann joint.
  4. directorial chairs
    Jon Hamm and John Slattery Directing More Mad Men EpisodesHamm has directed once before, Slattery thrice.
  5. directorial chairs
    Bryan Singer Definitely Helming X-Men: First Class SequelHe directed the first two X-Men films.
  6. directorial chairs
    Hunger Games May Shuffle Directors Again for MockingjayBefore the two-part finale.