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A Beginner’s Guide to Ingmar Bergman

Anyone who has ever cast their gaze to the sky and impotently wondered why the world is such absolute crap will be able to tap into Bergman’s ethos.

By Charles Bramesco

Behind the Camera with Lawrence Sher

Comedy movie directors may not get as much credit as they deserve. Yes, there is Judd Apatow and Todd Phillips, but how many people could name the director of Tommy Boy (Peter Segal) or Wedding Crashers (David Dobkin) or Superbad (Greg [...]

By Kenneth Arthur

Get to Know ‘Saturday Night Live’s Director Don Roy King

For the past ten years, Don Roy King has served as the director of Saturday Night Live, and a new video by AARP takes a closer look at the 68-year-old veteran TV director and the job he describes as "the perfect show for me at the perfect time [...]

By Megh Wright