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  1. leading men
    The Accountant Who ‘Discovered’ Crazy Rich Asians Star Henry Golding Speaks!“Never in a million years did I think my suggestion would be taken seriously.”
  2. discoveries
    Margaret Atwood Hints at Future Handmaid’s Tale Material in Extended AudiobookTurns out there were some questions at the Twelfth Symposium on Gileadean Studies.
  3. discoveries
    Atari’s Failed E.T. Game Found in New Mexico LandfillIt’s been there for over 20 years.
  4. discoveries
    Fifty Years Ago, Woody Allen Plotted Midnight in Paris in This Stand-up RoutineIt’s kind of crazy!
  5. discoveries
    Hitchcock’s First Film Found Within ‘Highly Unstable Nitrate Material’Criterion Collection licks its lips.
  6. discoveries
    Lost 2001 Footage FoundIn a Kansas salt mine, of all places.
  7. discoveries
    Found in Roberto Bolaño’s Desk: Two New Novels, Part Six of 2666You thought you were finally done reading ‘2666’? Think again!
  8. discoveries
    Meet Charity Wakefield, the New Ally McBealFingers crossed she doesn’t get down with any virtual dancing babies!
  9. discoveries
    Got It Made, Got It Made, Got It MadeScientists have discovered Van Halen’s legendary “No Brown M&Ms” rider.