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Disrespect The Classics

  1. red table (taylor’s version)
    Taylor Swift’s Songwriting Skills Are a Blur to Damon Albarn“Your hot take is completely false and SO damaging,” she responded on Twitter.
  2. disrespect the classics
    Eric Clapton Thinks We’ve Been Hypnotized Into Getting VaxxedAnd it’s his “calling” to talk about it.
  3. disrespect the classics
    Eric Clapton, Recurring 2021 Villain, Wins $11 Bootleg CD LawsuitA German widow has been ordered to pay thousands of dollars after Clapton “complained.”
  4. disrespect the classics
    Paul McCartney Reviews the Rolling Stones: ‘Blues Cover Band’“I’m not sure I should say it, but.”
  5. disrespect the classics
    Eric Clapton Laid Down Donations to an Anti-Vaxx BandThe guitarist donated thousands of dollars and a van.
  6. disrespect the classics
    Eric Clapton Must Be Miserable Tonight, Because He Broke His COVID Tour MandateHe previously vowed to never perform at a venue that “discriminated” against unvaccinated people.
  7. disrespect the classics
    Eric Clapton’s Famous Friends Are Ghosting Him“I don’t get that many texts and emails any more,” he admitted. “It’s quite noticeable.”
  8. disrespect the classics
    Eric Clapton and Van Morrison Have Their Oh, Hello Moment With ‘The Rebels’They’re back and ornery as ever.