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  1. divas
    There Are Now Dueling Celine Dion Biopics in the WorksChoose your dramatized French-Canadian fighter!
  2. divas
    Patti LaBelle, the Four Tops Performed at Aretha Franklin’s Memorial Service“She was the best singer in the world — trust!”
  3. i don't know her
    Mariah Carey Denies Being Queen of Christmas: ‘That Is Not My Appellation’“I’m just a person who likes Christmas, OK? Who happened to write some songs.”
  4. divas
    Aretha Franklin Announces Her RetirementShe’ll retire after she tours her upcoming album, produced by Stevie Wonder.
  5. last night on late night
    Gwendoline Christie Dishes on Fighting a BearHe was a highly trained bear.
  6. concert review
    Concert Review: Diana Ross Reopens Kings TheatreExcess and uplift at the refurbished Brooklyn venue.
  7. videology
    Watch a Music Video For Sarah Silverman’s ‘Diva’“If you call yourself a diva, you better sing a solo.”
  8. divas
    Miley Cyrus Knows a Thing or Two About Crotch-GrabbingFrom Vh1 Divas.
  9. divas
    Miley Cyrus Has Achieved Diva StatusSays Vh1.
  10. divas
    Here Are Your Latest Mariah-Nicki Feud RumorsFrom the set of Idol.
  11. divas
    Here Come the Mariah-Nicki Feud RumorsMariah is not happy, sayeth TMZ.
  12. divas
    American Idol and the Danger of the Escalating Diva Arms RaceWith Mariah Carey facing off against Britney Spears, will TV finally see a full-on meltdown?
  13. divas
    Watch the Vh1 Divas Tribute to Amy WinehouseWith an intro from Nas.
  14. Watch a Supercut of Divas on DivasFourFour’s mad Internet scientist Rich Juzwiak compiled a supercut of VH1-trademarked “divas” dishing on other “divas,” and it’s good, bad, and ugly.
  15. divas
    And Your 2011 VH1 Divas Are …Kelly and Mary and Florence, among others.
  16. Dave Chappelle Will Intentionally Bomb If Someone Dares Tape His StandupDave Chappelle sure doesn’t like it when people try to videotape his standup appearances. He hates it so much, in fact, that he’s willing to […]
  17. divas
    Billy Corgan Will Have None of Your H1N1 Brain Control JuiceDoesn’t he have some pumpkins to smash?
  18. divas
    VH1 Divas Just Got a Little More Diva-yJennifer Hudson has been added to the largely divaless bill.
  19. side gigs
    Paula Abdul Finds Gainful Employment at VH1She’ll be hosting VH1’s upcoming ‘Divas’ special.
  20. divas
    Katherine Heigl Is a Fount of IdeasShe wanted her character in ‘The Ugly Truth’ to be obsessed with flossing.
  21. divas
    Katherine Heigl’s Salary Demands Force Her Out of Valentine’s DayStop us if you think that you’ve heard this one before.
  22. divas
    Despite All His Rage, Billy Corgan’s Still Just a Rat in a Steel-Cage MatchWho would’ve ever thought Billy Corgan would get involved in professional wrestling?
  23. divas
    Katherine Heigl’s Brain Tumor Comes With a 5 Percent Survival RateWe’re devastated.
  24. right-click
    Ciara Implies That You Should Lick Her BootCiara hypes her hood, sex appeal, and most important, her upcoming album on this ‘Diva’ remix.