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  1. in conversation
    Miles Teller on His New Movie, Superhero Franchises, and Being Likable (or Not)The actor on Thank You For Your Service, superhero franchises, and being likable (or not).
  2. times square
    Finally Times Square’s Getting a Mad Men Restaurant & Divergent Obstacle CourseLionsgate is planning an “Entertainment City” in midtown.
  3. celebrity politics
    Shailene Woodley Teases Possible Congressional Run: ’Not Going to Rule It Out’“Who knows? Life is big, and I’m young.”
  4. rumor mill
    Starz Is Developing the Divergent Television Series AscendantThough no word if Shailene Woodley, or any of the original franchise cast, will make the jump to TV.
  5. bookexpo
    Divergent Author Veronica Roth’s Next Movie Will Explore Mental IllnessVeronica Roth’s next movie will be based on her short story “Inertia.”
  6. the industry
    Shailene Woodley Will Not Star in the Final Divergent Film, AscendantAscendant will reportedly be a TV movie designed to launch a spinoff series.
  7. epilogues
    Veronica Roth Wrote a Divergent Series EpilogueAbout Tobias, a.k.a. Four.
  8. the industry
    Shailene Woodley Likely Won’t Do Divergent on TV“I’m not necessarily interested in doing a television show.”
  9. the industry
    Miles Teller Not Sure If He’s in Next Divergent“I’ve talked to nobody.”
  10. the industry
    The Divergent Series Will End As a TV MovieSomeone high-five Shailene Woodley.
  11. the industry
    Divergent Series Finale Ascendant Loses DirectorTo lose one director is a tragedy; to lose two looks like carelessness.
  12. young adult files
    How to Create a YA Phenomenon, in Nine Easy StepsInterested in writing the next teen franchise? Here’s a step-by-step guide.
  13. casting couch
    Ansel Elgort Cast in The Fault In Our Stars He’ll be the Gus to Shailene Woodley’s Hazel.