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  1. baftas so white
    Cynthia Erivo Turned Down BAFTAs Performance Over All-White Acting NomineesThe awards received criticism this week after no nominees of color made it into any of the four acting categories.
  2. lucy liu
    Lucy Liu Talks Diversity at the Hollywood Walk of Fame“I just wanted to act. I didn’t see any difference between myself and the mainstream world I lived in.”
  3. party report
    Avengers Casting Director Says LGBTQ and Other Diverse Characters Are Coming“You’re gonna see even more new faces.”
  4. diversity
    The Grammys Are Trying to Bring Inclusion Riders to the Music IndustryThe power of Frances McDormand only grows.
  5. grammys
    Recording Academy Invites 900 Women and People of Color to Vote for GrammysThe nominations committees are now also majority female.
  6. snl
    Natasha Rothwell Says Saturday Night Live Is ‘Hyperaware’ of Diversity Problem“The true evidence of diversity on that show will be longevity.”
  7. couldn't help but wonder
    Sarah Jessica Parker Says Sex And The City’s Lack of Diversity Seems ‘Tone-Deaf’Unlike Samantha Jones, the show has not aged well.
  8. New Study Finds That Only 4.8% of TV Writers Are BlackA new study by a UCLA professor has resulted in some stunning proof that television still has a long, long way to go when it comes to diverse […]
  9. The Search for Madame Liu-TsongIn 1951, Anna May Wong was TV’s first Asian-American leading actor. And then her groundbreaking show disappeared.
  10. diversity
    Deadpool 2 Crew Believe Lack of Diversity Contributed to Stuntwoman’s Death“The producers put pressure to have somebody of the same sex and ethnicity in a position she wasn’t qualified to be in.”
  11. diversity
    Marvel VP of Sales Says Fans Seem Uninterested in Diversity or Female Characters“What we heard was that people didn’t want any more diversity. They didn’t want female characters out there.”
  12. Aaron Sorkin Says That He Is, in Fact, Aware of Hollywood’s Diversity ProblemHe would like you to know that he’s known about Hollywood’s lack of parity before last weekend.
  13. lowering the veil
    Aaron Sorkin Reportedly Surprised to Learn Hollywood’s Diversity Problem Exists“Are you saying that women and minorities have a more difficult time getting their stuff read than white men?”
  14. Julie Andrews’s New Netflix Show Might Be the Most Diverse Children’s Show EverVIDEO: It’s incredible to see.
  15. british tv
    Thandie Newton Says There Aren’t Good Roles for People of Color in the U.K.“I can’t do Downton Abbey, can’t be in Victoria, can’t be in Call the Midwife.”
  16. grammys 2017
    Recording Academy President Says Grammys ‘Don’t Have a Race Problem’He also claims Kanye didn’t perform because of “medical concerns.”
  17. white af
    Gilmore Girls’ Lack of Representation: A TumblrConnecticut is rough.
  18. diversity
    Producer Effie Brown Breaks Down How Shame and Money Lead to More Diversity “Our weapon is our voice and our bullets are our dollars.”
  19. Oyelowo: People of Color ‘Expunged’ From History“That’s not diversity.”
  20. emmys 2016
    8 Takeaways From a Remarkably Diverse Emmys CeremonyIn the last two years, actors of color have won as many Emmys as they had won in the decade before.
  21. diversity
    Michelle Obama Explains Why Representation in Pop Culture Matters“For so many people, television and movies may be the only way they understand people who aren’t like them.”
  22. diversity
    Kubo and the Two Strings Director Addresses Whitewashing Controversy“We’re basically color-blind in terms of how we cast our films.”
  23. FX CEO John Landgraf Explains Why Networks Should Take a ‘Quantum’ […]Back in November, Variety published a breakdown exploring diversity in TV directing jobs at ten networks, and even though all the networks were […]
  24. good deeds
    Nate Parker Starts Sundance Fellowship for Directors of ColorHe was also given the Sundance Institute’s Vanguard Award.
  25. tca 2016
    Black-ish Creator Kenya Barris Is ‘So Tired of Talking About Diversity’“I will be so happy when diversity is not a word.”
  26. emmys 2016
    Breaking Down the Diversity of the 2016 Emmy NominationsIt’s better than last year, and way better than 2014.
  27. cena says
    John Cena Values Diversity in His U.S. of AJohn Cena has a special Fourth of July message for you.
  28. theater
    Lin-Manuel Miranda Thinks This Year’s ‘Amazingly Diverse’ Tonys Was a Fluke“We lucked into one of the most extraordinarily diverse seasons we’ve ever seen in the history of Broadway.”
  29. ‘The Nightly Show’s Robin Thede Calls for Writers’ Room Diversity: ‘We […]The Nightly Show writer and performer Robin Thede has an excellent Lenny Letter essay out this week called “On Making the TV Writers’ Rooms […]
  30. diversity
    Steven Moffat Confirms He Tried to Cast a Black Doctor on Doctor Who“I certainly don’t think there’s ever been a problem with making the Doctor black, which is why it should happen one day.”
  31. james bond
    Priyanka Chopra Wants to Be the Next James BondWatch out, Idris.
  32. wgaw
    Analysis of Diversity in Writing for TV and FilmA “mixture of slow, forward progress, stalls and reversals.”
  33. #moviessowhite
    Report Shows Diverse Films Do Better WorldwideSurprise, surprise: Diverse audiences like seeing diverse casts.
  34. academy awards
    Quincy Jones Will Address Diversity With the Academy’s Board of GovernorsJones promises to stick to the script on the telecast.
  35. diversity
    Absurd Tales From Hollywood’s Diversity BattlesFrom the Times’ long look at Hollywood’s peculiar inclusionary efforts.
  36. diversity
    New Study Confirms Hollywood’s Lack of DiversityA USC study found an “epidemic of invisibility” for women and people of color.
  37. party chat
    Sylvester Stallone Considered Boycotting This Year’s Oscars Ceremony“I really do owe everything to [Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan].”
  38. the industry
    Ryan Murphy Commits to Hiring More Directors Who Aren’t Straight White GuysMurphy has committed to filling half the director slots on his shows with women and minorities.
  39. Danny Glover Suggests We Get Rid of Awards Shows“The Academy has been what it has been since the outset.”
  40. #oscarssowhite
    Lena Dunham on #OscarsSoWhite: ‘We Have a Serious Problem’“It’s simply a fallacy.”
  41. #oscarssowhite
    Ava DuVernay on Diversity: ‘I Hate That Word’She told the Times that the D word is “medicinal” and that it “has no emotional resonance.”
  42. roll clip!
    Stewart on Gender Bias: ‘Do Something’ [Updated]All right.
  43. #oscarssowhite
    Ian McKellen on #OscarsSoWhite: Gay Actors Are Also ‘Disregarded’“What about giving me [an Oscar] for playing a straight man?”
  44. sundance 2016
    Spike Lee on Rampling, Caine, and Oscar Politics“Charlotte Rampling and Stacey Dash need to hang out. And they need to go with God. Both of them.”
  45. oscars
    Matt Damon Talks About the Oscars and DiversityHollywood has “a long, long, long way to go.”
  46. Aziz Ansari Calls Out ‘The Late Show’s Lack of Diversity: ‘There Are a Lot […]Here’s a clip from Aziz Ansari’s visit to last night’s Late Show, where he gives Stephen Colbert a perfect double serving of awkwardness – […]
  47. the industry
    George Lucas Gives USC a $10 Million Endowment for Black and Latino StudentsFrom the George Lucas Family Foundation.
  48. diversity
    Effie Brown Talks Project Greenlight, Matt Damon“Ben is down.”
  49. nycc 2015
    Liu on Diversity: A Closed Mouth Doesn’t Get Fed“You’re going to hear a No a lot in your life and that’s just what it is. … So you always have to ask the question.”
  50. The Diversity of Late Night Guests Isn’t Much Better Than the Diversity of […]In February 2014, Jay Leno stepped down from The Tonight Show on NBC. Two months later, Letterman announced he would retire from CBS’s Late […]
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