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  1. vulture recommends
    Wild Pink Found Beauty Where It Didn’t Exist to Make 2021’s Best Rock AlbumWild Pink’s A Billion Little Lights is a sonic tapestry as rich as the scenes front man John Ross creates in his lyrics.
  2. diy
    DIY Signal Gallery Closes: Is the Golden Age of the Bushwick Art Scene Over?Two 20-somethings cultivated an artist-first environment in the former rug warehouse where they also lived.
  3. cities to love
    Behind the Scenes With Sleater-Kinney at Brooklyn’s Reopened Market HotelWe tail Sleater-Kinney as they reopen Brooklyn’s weirdest little venue, Market Hotel.
  4. trailer mix
    What Is This Random Chinese Tupac Biopic?Leave it to the internet to DIY a Tupac biopic into existence.
  5. candy
    How to Make Your Own OITNB Jolly Rancher ShivYou just need some ingenuity.
  6. d.i.y.
    With This Adorable Homemade BB-8 Replica, You’ll Never Need Human Friends AgainUsing the power of magnets!
  7. Crowdsourced Edits to Various DIY Home Improvement Instructions to Account […]• Before starting the job, put on shoes and pants. • You’ve heard the phrase, “Measure twice and cut once”? Please measure three times. And […]
  8. How to Make Your Bike Sound Like a Horse-Drawn Carriage?Trotify it!
  9. Learn a Thing or Two From the D.I.Y. BridePinch-lift!
  10. doctor who
    Watch the Doctor Who Theme Song Played on Eight Floppy DrivesAnd the Internet, finally, is complete.
  11. emmy rossum
    Check Out Emmy Rossum’s Homemade HairpinEat your heart out, Katniss.
  12. back to the future
    Check Out a Homemade Flying DeLoreanCue Huey Lewis!
  13. south park
    Watch One Guy’s DIY Orchestration of the South Park Theme SongKlezmer never sounded so good.
  14. d.i.y.
    Aziz Ansari Also Doing That $5 Download Thing for His New SpecialSelf-distribution is the new Comedy Central.
  15. d.i.y.
    How to Swap Bodies With Anyone You Want, According to the MoviesCrossing pee streams, eating fortune cookies, and wearing earrings are all highly effective methods.
  16. funny ha-ha
    Dan Deacon Is Doing Comedy NowDIY comes to comedy.