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  1. weddings
    Girl Talk Was the DJ at Gwyneth Paltrow’s Wedding, a.k.a. Every 2010s Frat PartyThe former mashup king played “‘80s jams,” natch.
  2. On the Dance Floor of Questlove’s Prince-Inspired DJ SetFinding Nemo played on the screens.
  3. hot 97
    Rosen on Hot 97, Hip-Hop, and HomophobiaYou should listen to this interview.
  4. hodor!
    Photo: Game of Thrones’ Hodor Is Also an Irish D.J.His remix of the Game of Thrones intro is on its way, we bet. We hope.
  5. cats
    All This Cat Wants Is to Be a D.J., and Is That So Wrong?Save Captain Cuddles!
  6. john peel
    Browse Iconic D.J. John Peel’s Music LibraryGirl, put your records on.
  7. jersey shore
    The Pauly D Project Trailer: Beer and Clothing in Las VegasWho knew deejaying was so emotional?
  8. reality tv
    Simon Cowell, Jada Pinkett-Smith Producing D.J. ShowNothing more telegenic than D.J.’ing!
  9. 90s nostalgia
    Differentiate the Sitcom Characters Named D.J. of Your ChildhoodThe eternal question remains: D.J. Tanner or D.J. Conner? Surely one of them was the inspiration for the ironic moniker you adopted that one time you spun records at your cousin’s house party in college.
  10. portlandia
    Watch Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein Escape D.J.’s in a New Clip From PortlandiaGuess what? You’re invited!
  11. clickables
    Meet the Hottest New D.J.’s on the InternetThey may or may not be human.
  12. music
    Is This the Future of D.J.-ing?What it lacks in knobs and switches it makes up for in neutered prettiness.
  13. Pauly D’s Not One of America’s Best D.J.’s, Say Other D.J.’sBut you didn’t really need them to tell you that.