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  1. dogg fight
    Snoop Dogg and DMX Unleash the Hounds, Hits, and Love in Verzuz Battle“Two dogs. One cage. One bowl of dog food.”
  2. verzuz
    It’s Snoop Dogg Versus DMX in Upcoming Verzuz BattleThe two are set to face off in “the battle of the dogs.”
  3. coachella 2019
    Kanye West Held a Church Service at Coachella Through a PeepholeIf you look very closely you can see him being risen.
  4. music
    DMX to Be Released From Jail TomorrowThe rapper had been sentenced to one year behind bars in March 2018 for tax fraud after pleading guilty the fall prior.
  5. the law
    DMX Sentenced to One Year in Prison for Tax FraudBefore he faced the music, the judge played DMX’s hit “Slippin” upon request.
  6. legal troubles
    DMX Has Turned Himself In to Law Enforcement for Tax-Evasion ChargesHe faces 14 counts of evasion, obstruction, and failure to file income tax returns.
  7. rehab
    DMX Enters RehabIn the wake of postponing concert dates.
  8. candy
    Watch DMX Scream on an Amusement-Park RideThe dogs are out.
  9. party crashers
    DMX Crashed a Wedding Party BusAnd sang “X Gon’ Give It to Ya.”
  10. dmx
    Watch Rankin-Bass’s 1964 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer As Sung by DMXDMX knows you’ve been naughty.
  11. right-click
    Merry Weird Christmas From the Killers and DMXNew holiday music!
  12. dmx
    See What Happens When DMX Is Introduced to GoogleHe’s got a point about the swirly circle, though.
  13. quotables
    DMX Does Not Approve of Drake’s Aaliyah Album, in Case You Were CuriousAlso, he said Take Care sounds like a washing machine.
  14. dmx
    DMX on Reading RainbowDMX vs. Levar Burton: We’d watch.
  15. fathers day
    Watch a Salute to Father’s Day From DMXIs DMX … okay? Like, okay okay?
  16. beef
    DMX Is Back, Very Opposed to the Drake Phenomenon “I don’t like the way he walks, I don’t like his haircut.”
  17. cleaning up
    DMX Gives Back With Random Acts of Public CleanlinessHe’s vacuuming at nightclubs.
  18. jail
    DMX Pioneers ‘Rappers in Mental-Health Units’ TrendHe’s the first.
  19. jail
    DMX Is Going to JailFor a whole year, this time.
  20. jail
    DMX Gives Arizona Several Good Reasons to Send Him Back to JailWe guess he probably won’t become a pastor after all.
  21. right-click
    Grizzly Bear Really Excited About Forthcoming AlbumPlus: DMX records a song in between arrests!
  22. right-click
    Radiohead Feeling Generous, ApparentlyPlus: New music from DMX and Jay-Z!
  23. quote machine
    DMX’s New Album Is Totally Going on Jesus’s iPodPlus: Janet Jackson!