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  1. marvel cinematic universe
    Scott Derrickson Has Left Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of MadnessOn Twitter, Derrickson cited “creative differences.”
  2. superheroes
    A Doctor Strange Sequel Is Coming and Scott Derrickson Has Signed on to DirectThe first movie debuted in 2016.
  3. Why Hasn’t Marvel Announced Doctor Strange 2 Yet?Kevin Feige explains his silence about the Sorcerer Supreme.
  4. superheroes
    Doctor Strange Is Stopping by for a Spell in Thor: RagnarokThe official Disney fan club D23 confirms your suspicions.
  5. year in culture 2016
    2016: The Year in Asian-Americans Fighting Back in Hollywood2016’s conversations around representation saw Asian-Americans talking to each other, without the filter a white audience necessitates.
  6. who ya gonna call?
    Tilda Swinton Emailed Margaret Cho About Strange“It was a long fight about why the part should not have gone to her.”
  7. movies in theaters
    Which Movie Should You See With Your Family This Thanksgiving?Including Allied, Moonlight, and Doctor Strange.
  8. The Creator of Doctor Strange Will Not See You NowMarvel Comics legend Steve Ditko wants his work to stand for itself. If only it were that easy.
  9. The Creator of Doctor Strange Will Not See You NowMarvel Comics legend Steve Ditko wants his work to stand for itself. If only it were that easy.
  10. Franchise Haters Rejoice: Arrival’s a HitMeanwhile, Doctor Strange, Trolls, and Hacksaw Ridge all had surprisingly big second weekends.
  11. cameos
    Did You Catch Transparent’s Amy Landecker in Doctor Strange?She isn’t even sure she’s there.
  12. three's a trend
    Let’s Call a Moratorium on Inter-Dimensional Portals in Movies, Shall We?Doctor Strange is the latest in a recent line of plot wormholes.
  13. spoiler bomb
    Doctor Strange’s Screenwriter Explains the Movie’s Biggest TwistsOnly read this if you’ve seen the movie!
  14. your box office explained
    Doctor Strange Leads a Superpowered Weekend Box OfficeIt was a good weekend at the box office.
  15. doctor strange
    What Inspired Doctor Strange’s Visual Effects?Visual-effects supervisor Stephane Ceretti explains.
  16. dream casting
    Marvel, Please Make Jaden Smith the Next Doctor StrangeLet’s dream cast.
  17. comic-book movies
    The Cloak Is the Best Character in Doctor StrangeObviously!
  18. jokes
    Let’s Talk About Doctor Strange’s Terrific Vaudevillian JokeWho’s on first? Doctor Strange!
  19. review roundup
    Review Roundup: Doctor Strange Is a Trippy Delight“This is the most exciting addition to their ever-expanding universe since The Avengers.”
  20. movie review
    Doctor Strange Is an Impressive Cosmic SpectacleThis is a rare case in which Marvel has freed a director’s imagination instead of  straitjacketing it.
  21. chat room
    Director Scott Derrickson on Doctor Strange“You hear studio people saying all the time that characters have to be likable, but they don’t — they just have to be interesting.”
  22. A Pre–Infinity War Primer on Marvel’s Infinity StonesAn update, just in time for Avengers: Infinity War.
  23. doctor strange
    5 Doctor Strange Comics to Read Before You See the MovieClassic tales to get you primed on Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme.
  24. doctor strange
    Post–Doctor Strange Advice for Rachel McAdamsThe best lessons from Underutilized Marvel Love Interests who came before.
  25. doctor strange
    Benedict Cumberbatch Got His American Accent From a Surprising SourceHe also reveals the hardest word in Doctor Strange for him to say.
  26. chat room
    Benedict Wong on Doctor Strange, The Avengers“I had thought there were no Asian superheroes.”
  27. doctor strange
    Who Is Dormammu, Doctor Strange’s Cosmic Villain?His head is constantly on fire, for one thing.
  28. doctor strange
    Doctor Strange Has the Most Inventive CGI of the Modern Superhero EraWe’ve grown bored. This wakes us up.
  29. comic-book movies
    Feige Is Over ‘Completely White’ Superhero Films“In the movies that are coming up, it will be as inclusive a group of characters as one could want.”
  30. your box office explained
    Why Did Inferno Bomb?The Tom Hanks vehicle earned $15 million in its first weekend at the U.S. box office.
  31. the doctor is in
    Doctor Strange Diagnoses Civil War InjuriesNot much medicine can do for Tony Stark’s broken heart.
  32. last night on late night
    Sorry, Jimmy Kimmel, Doctor Strange Will Not Do Tricks at a Kids’ Birthday PartyLook, he’s not that kind of magician.
  33. trailer mix
    Flowing Outerwear Steals the Show in New Doctor Strange TeaserWhat a dynamic cape you have, Dr. Strange!
  34. product placement
    Doctor Strange Gets an Odd Product PlacementAh, product integration!
  35. controversies
    Tilda Swinton on Doctor Strange’s Whitewashing“Ironically, their casting is positively diverse in this case.”
  36. marvel
    Tilda Swinton Addresses Doctor Strange Furor“I think when people see this film, they’re going to see that it comes from a very diverse place, in all sorts of ways.”
  37. comic con 2016
    Doctor Strange Director Talks Whitewashing“It’s a serious subject.”
  38. villains
    Here’s Who Mads Mikkelsen Is Playing in Doctor StrangeHis character has a short comics history.
  39. doctor strange
    Benedict Wong Not ‘Tea-Making Manservant’ in DS“We’re heading in a different direction.”
  40. casting
    Feige Addresses Doctor Strange Race ControversyIt’s not the best excuse.
  41. whitewashing
    Doctor Strange Director Responds to Whitewashing“I am listening and learning.”
  42. doctor strange
    Marvel: Tilda Swinton’s Ancient One Is Celtic“The Ancient One is a title that is not exclusively held by any one character… and in this particular film the embodiment is Celtic.”
  43. whitewashing
    Tilda Swinton Addresses Strange Whitewashing“It’s not actually an Asian character.”
  44. trailer mix
    Watch Marvel’s Doctor Strange Teaser TrailerSee the Sorcerer Supreme in action.
  45. Behold, Mads Mikkelsen in Doctor Strange It’s a lot of look.
  46. doctor strange
    New Doctor Strange Pics Show a Magical Bromance#TrueDetectiveSeason3
  47. doctor strange
    Doctor Strange Casts The Martian’s Benedict WongBecause apparently there was room for more actors in Doctor Strange.
  48. first looks
    First Look at Cumberbatch in Doctor StrangeWhat sorcery is this.
  49. alternate universes
    Marvel Passed on del Toro–Gaiman Dr. StrangeGaiman revealed on Twitter that the studio wasn’t interested.
  50. chat room
    Chiwetel Ejiofor Talks Secret, Doctor Strange“I’m working with Benedict Cumberbatch at the moment, and people have that hysterical quality when they’re around him.”
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