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  1. docudrama
    Joaquin Phoenix Rap Documentary in Theaters in SeptemberThe opportunity to watch Phoenix rap and be defecated on is finally here.
  2. docudrama
    Joaquin Phoenix Rap Documentary: Coming SoonMagnolia is in final talks to pick up ‘I’m Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix’ for an Oscar-qualifying release this fall.
  3. docudrama
    Joaquin Phoenix’s Rap Career Gets Diddy Seal of Approval“Joaquin’s for real.”
  4. docudrama
    Joaquin Phoenix’s Rap Documentary Sounds DisgustingDetails about the film have emerged and they’re totally gross.
  5. docudrama
    Who Will Buy the Joaquin Phoenix Rap Doc?Not only is Casey Affleck’s mockumentary on Joaquin Phoenix’s pretend rap career a real thing, it is apparently being screened for actual ostensibly interested buyers.