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  1. a doll's house
    Give Kathryn Hahn a MacArthur Grant for This American Girl Dolls PerformanceArt.
  2. american boy
    American Girl’s First Boy Doll Is Basically a Character From NashvilleAnd yes, Logan Everett is actually from Nashville.
  3. dolls
    Amy Schumer’s Doll Is a Hot MessNot mom-approved.
  4. ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Presents the Official Amy Schumer DollIf you consider yourself a big Amy Schumer fan, here’s an exciting new product that’ll prove you love her more than anyone: The Official Amy […]
  5. babies
    Here’s Why American Sniper Used That Creepy Fake Plastic BabyBlame a fever, maybe.
  6. controversy
    Aaron Paul Bashes Toys ‘R’ Us for Pulling Breaking Bad ToysIn response to a Florida mom’s petition.
  7. in production
    The Gossip Girl Duo Turns Their Attention to DollsBased on scary high-school monsters.
  8. New York ‘Comedy Club’ To Open For Doll Standup FansNew York City plays home to some weird comedy shows, but this one is by far the creepiest. An art installation called “Comedy Club” will open […]
  9. These ‘Lifelike’ Celebrity Dolls Are Also ‘So Effing Creepy’Halloween returns!
  10. clickables
    See Harry Crane Hanging With a Porcelain Pope DollPopes have big hats, right?
  11. clickables
    See Some Remarkably Nerdy, Charming Doctor Who Nesting DollsCollect them all.
  12. music
    Justin Bieber Now Comes in Doll FormNo word yet on his anatomical correctness.
  13. books
    See the Brontë Sisters as Action FiguresWhen Charlotte’s, Emily’s, and Anne’s powers combine …
  14. fisher price sterling cooper
    Fun Time Scenarios for the Mad Men Dolls!Your favorite scenes from your favorite drama come to plastic life!
  15. tweenage wasteland
    Katy Perry Bored With Kissing, Now Wants to Show You Her Doll PartsThe song wasn’t enough, oh no.