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Dolly Parton

  1. the early-evening news
    Supergroup Seeks Erratic Singer for Hedonism, ChooglingPlus: Howard Shore signs on for The Hobbit and Dolly Parton signs on to judge a bunch of crappy singers!
  2. quote machine
    Stephin Merritt Still DourPlus Ne-Yo on John Mayer, Pete Wentz on Tina Turner, and Dolly Parton on her breasts.
  3. the early-evening news
    Roy Scheider Dead at 75Plus: Dolly Parton!
  4. the industry
    Both of These Actors Will Star in a Romantic Comedy—But Which One Wrote the Script?Plus: News about John Legend!
  5. quote machine
    Pot Feuds With KettleQuotes from KT Tunstall and Johnny Rotten. Plus, Dolly Parton on her plans to die!
  6. the industry
    Fifty Percent of Olsen Twins to Appear in FilmElton John, Dolly Parton, and more
  7. the early-evening news
    Harry Potter Does Not Want to Meet Your ChildrenJack White, Dolly Parton, and J.J. Abrams.
  8. the industry
    Gus Van Sant Drinks the ‘Kool-Aid’
  9. quote machine
    George Clooney Looks Out for the Little Guy
  10. the industry
    Dwight Hires a Hooker