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Don’t Do Drugs

  1. awkward admissions
    Yes, Idris Elba Has Done Drugs“I’m not gonna lie — I’ve tried everything,” he tells Playboy.
  2. don’t do drugs
    Craig Robinson Detained in the Bahamas for Drug PossessionCue the Hot Tub Time Machine jokes.
  3. soul-baring interviews
    The Strokes Guitarist Reveals Drug Addiction“I used to shoot cocaine, heroin and ketamine … morning, night, 20 times a day.”
  4. music
    Intoxicated Coachella Attendee Struggles to Put on Flip-flopFlip-flops are pretty tricky, though. So flippy, so floppy.
  5. don’t do drugs
    John Cusack, Blogger, Still Talking About Those Mushrooms He Ate at the Super BowlJohn Cusack was not ready for some football.