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Don Henley

  1. respect the classics
    Don Henley Also Had the Honor of Being Fired by Steely DanHis “Peg” backing vocals were “no good” and “disappointing.”
  2. respect the classics
    Mike Campbell Is Still Processing Jeopardy!’s Yacht Rock Inclusion“Don’t know how I feel about this!!!!”
  3. vulture lists
    Every VMAs Video of the Year Award, Ranked From Worst to BestFrom that one super dated Dire Straits video to multiple Beyoncé videos, to that Neil Young video that got him banned from MTV for a while.
  4. the law
    Don Henley Unimpressed With Frank Ocean’s Guitar Hero SkillsHe threatened to sue.
  5. american idol
    American Idol: Scott Sent Home, WronglyHas America condoned a funk cover of a Don Henley song?
  6. quote machine
    At the Nadir of His Career, Jason Bateman Would Have Accepted a Role in Your School PlayPlus quotes from Paul Thomas Anderson, Helen Mirren, and Guillermo Del Toro.