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    Donal Logue’s Daughter Returns Home Safely After Disappearing for 12 DaysNo additional information on the nature of her disappearance or return has been provided.
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    Gotham Actor Donal Logue Asks for the Return of His Missing Daughter on Facebook“The point is, you may have had good intentions to help her, but I’m sure you realize that this situation is bigger than you could’ve anticipated.”
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    Here’s Your Gotham Drinking Game: Donal Logue EditionCheers.
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    Donal Logue Still Misses Terriers a LittleSame here, Donal.
  5. Is It Possible for the Star of a Single-Episode Sitcom to Save Their […]Since 1961, only 10 American TV series have aired for only a single episode. If there is a God, that list will soon increase to 11 when ABC […]
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    TV Review: The Stealthy, Noir-y Charms of Terriers’Terriers’ has pulled off a neat trick: looking like a procedural, then sneaking in something much more interesting.
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    Keanu Reeves to ‘Stand Still’The Cure, Donal Logue, and monkeys!