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Donna Lynne Champlin

  1. CXG’s Donna Lynne Champlin on Finally Getting Worshipped as a Goddess“I’m just ruined for every other show I should ever do, should I ever be so lucky.”
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    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Tackles the Glorious, Bloody Joy of Childbirth in New Video“Tear, tear, tear goes your vagina.”
  3. Watch the Full-length Version of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s ‘First Penis I Saw’A song with a very self-explanatory name!
  4. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Rachel Bloom and Donna Lynne Champlin Play Do I Know You?The two quiz each other about famous former roommates and forgotten roles.
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    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Champlin Teases Finale“A lot of people who are gonna be like, ‘Whaaaaaat?!?’”
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    Donna Lynne Champlin on Her CXG Role, Season Two“I never in a million years thought that they would cast me. I’ve become accustomed to not being cast for television and film because of how I look.”