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Donnie Darko

  1. horror movies
    Trump’s Creepy Easter Bunny Confirms We’re in a Long, Bad Donnie Darko SequelMark your calendars: America is ending in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds.
  2. the sense of an ending
    Revisiting the Ending of Donnie Darko 16 Years LaterTwisty-turny timey-wimey stuff.
  3. Richard Kelly on Donnie Darko, Southland Tales, and Sparkle Motion“I ruined at least one take laughing.”
  4. across the streaming-verse
    What to Stream This Weekend on Netflix and Hulu: Millennial Movies EditionWet Hot American Summer, Donnie Darko, and Can’t Hardly Wait.
  5. across the streaming-verse
    The Best of Streaming: What Should You Watch on Netflix, Hulu, and Other SitesA Dickens miniseries, a titan of a documentary, and a cult classic that’s about to expire.
  6. The Lost Roles of Vince VaughnAfter popping up in a diverse selection of movies in the 90s (Swingers, Jurassic Park 2, a Psycho remake), Vince Vaughn became a household name […]
  7. auteurs
    Richard Kelly Resigns Himself to Being a Pawn of the Studio SystemYou’d never read an interview with James Cameron that goes like this.
  8. the early-evening news
    More On-Set Drama for David O. RussellPlus: ‘The New Yorker’ finally explains ‘American Idol’!