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  1. doppelgangers
    Perfect Casting News: Billy Zane to Play Marlon Brando in Waltzing With BrandoPutting that doppelgänger energy to good use.
  2. doppelgangers
    Finally, a TV Show Will Bring Together Dylan McDermott and Dermot MulroneyMulroney will appear on McDermott’s upcoming series L.A. to Vegas.
  3. doppelgangers
    See Rami Malek Execute Some Perfect Freddie Mercury MovesA video has surfaced of Malek filming Queen’s Live Aid performance from 1985.
  4. Why Are There So Many Doppelgängers in Pop Culture Right Now?Do not adjust your screens or your prescription: You are definitely seeing a lot of double.
  5. doppelgangers
    Finally, a Movie About How Amy Adams and Isla Fisher Are the Exact Same PersonIt’s sadly not The Double.
  6. doppelgangers
    Daniel Radcliffe Truly Understands Why You Think He’s Elijah Wood“The idea of us is the same.”
  7. Tobias Funke’s Doppelgänger Lives in Switzerland, Is Running for OfficeThat, or David Cross is on a European vacation.
  8. Quick: Is That Steve Carell or Ryan Gosling?Or is it Styan Gosrell?