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Dora The Explorer

  1. trailer mix
    Watch the Live-Action Dora the Explorer Trailer and Be Haunted CGI BootsDanny Trejo voices a CGI monkey, you got that?
  2. casting
    Benicio del Toro Will Play a Thieving Fox in Dora the Explorer MovieBut will he keep Swiper’s catchphrase?
  3. movies
    Michael Peña and Eva Longoria to Play Dora the Explorer’s PadresThat means parents!
  4. Michael Bay Is Bringing You a Live-Action Dora the Explorer MovieGet Andy Serkis back in his motion-capture suit. That’s your Boots right there.
  5. last night on late night
    Ice T Voices Papa Smurf, Slaps Another SmurfHave mercy, Ice.
  6. last night on late night
    Ice T Is the New Dora the Explorer We’ve Been Waiting ForWell, at least temporarily on Fallon.
  7. CollegeHumor Made a Miniseries Based on Their ‘Dora the Explorer’ Movie […] Here’s the trailer for a three-part web miniseries CollegeHumor made, based upon a fake trailer they made last year (embedded below) for a […]
  8. aubrey plaza
    Watch ‘Aubrey Plaza’ Audition to Play Dora the Explorer“If you don’t dance, Boots will die.”
  9. clickables
    Watch a Live-Action Dora the Explorer Trailer¡Vamos!
  10. lawsuits
    Dora the Explorer Is Suing NickelodeonCan you say “convoluted and inscrutable contract”? Good!
  11. quote machine
    Beyoncé Just Doesn’t Know Who She Is Anymore