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Downton Abbey Finale

  1. Checking In With the Cast of Downton AbbeyQuite a lot of places outside the constraints of a Yorkshire country estate.
  2. fan fiction
    Return to Downton Abbey: Lady Edith Goes Home39 years later …
  3. chat room
    Gareth Neame on Bringing Downton Abbey to an End“The legacy, I hope, will be a show remembered fondly, in the way people talk about I Love Lucy.”
  4. farewells
    Downton’s Penelope Wilton on Isobel and Violet“I think sometimes they were a little lonely.”
  5. legacies
    Why Downton Abbey Became a Massive Cultural PhenomenonIt’s destined to be a classic.
  6. live blog
    Join Vulture’s Downton Abbey Series Finale Live-blog, Sunday at 9 p.m.Vulture recapper Jen Chaney will be right here to hold your hand.
  7. wishes
    What We Hope Happens in the Downton Abbey FinaleGive Thomas some damn job stability, would ya?
  8. bad news
    A History of Getting Bad News in a Note on Downton AbbeyRead ‘em and weep.
  9. vulture lists
    The 20 Most Despicable Characters in Downton Abbey History, RankedFrom mildly appalling to the utter worst.
  10. trailer mix
    Watch Trailer for Downton Abbey’s Final EpisodeThomas!
  11. downward spirals
    Fine, Downton Abbey, I Will Care About Carson and Mrs. HughesLet love reign.
  12. chat room
    Sophie McShera on Downton Finale, CinderellaAnd her “telly mommy.”