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  1. schnaussgate
    Axl Blames Producer for Schnauss SampleThe sample was provided “by a member of the album’s production team who has assured us that these few seconds of sound were obtained legitimately.”
  2. chinese democracy
    Blogger Who Leaked Chinese Democracy Sentenced to Two Months of Home ConfinementWhich would be a far better punishment if we believed the blogger in question ever left his home anyway.
  3. be a pepper
    Dr. Dre Shills, Unveils DetoxHear the first beats from ‘Detox’ while being advertised to!
  4. product placement
    Can You Guess Who Sponsored 90210 Last Night?Get your Encyclopedia Brown on, people!
  5. chinese democracy
    Axl Rose Now Basically Just an Internet TrollAfter being missing for the better part of these past fifteen years, cornrowed recluse Axl Rose has finally turned up — on the Internet!
  6. leak of the week
    ‘Chinese Democracy’ Finally Leaked for Real!We guess this means Axl actually has to release this thing now!
  7. chinese democracy
    How Many More Years Would Axl Have Had to Work for a Fifth Star From ‘Rolling Stone’?This is definitive proof that hard work never pays off.
  8. Dr. Pepper Announces Lame Details of Its ‘Chinese Democracy’ PromotionThere was a time when our nation could believe in a soda company’s solemn promise to deliver a free can of its beverage to every man, woman, and child in America.
  9. be a pepper
    First Single From ‘Chinese Democracy’ Actually Arrives!We’d love to say something funny here, but, like everyone else, we ran out of ‘Chinese Democracy’ jokes in 2003.
  10. awesome
    We’re Getting Free Dr. Pepper!Dr. Pepper promised free soda if ‘Chinese Democracy’ came out before 2009. And they intend to follow through.