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Dr. Conrad Murray

  1. verdicts
    Jury Rules AEG Live Didn’t Kill Michael JacksonHis family’s civil suit against the concert promoter was dismissed today.
  2. michael jackson
    One Year After Michael Jackon’s Death, New Lawsuits Are Filed, Questions RemainAnd how are his kids doing?
  3. mj
    MJ’s Doctor to Be Charged With ManslaughterGet ready L.A., the media circus is coming to town.
  4. take two and call me in the morning
    Michael Jackson’s Propofol Supplier Lands His Very Own TV ShowWhy of course he did!
  5. mj
    Janet Jackson: The Doctor Did It!She also tells ABC’s Robin Roberts that her and Michael used to feed … wait for it … mouflon sheep together!
  6. jurisprudence
    The Plot Thickens in Michael Jackson Homicide InvestigationAccording to authorities, Dr. Conrad Murray waited some 82 minutes after Michael Jackson lost consciousness before calling 911.
  7. jurisprudence
    Michael Jackson’s Personal Physician Becomes Target of Manslaughter InvestigationDr. Conrad Murray was not originally thought to be a suspect, but things have apparently changed.
  8. michael jackson
    Michael Jackson’s Personal Physician No Longer M.I.A.He is in Los Angeles and preparing to speak to the authorities.